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Pics from The Bonnaroo Adventure

These are pics that span Toth and my journey to the depths of Tennessee. We spent the first part of the week chillin in Nashville, then we made the trip to Manchester, Tenn. For those of you who don't know, Bonnaroo was a three day event that showcased some of the nations best jam bands, dj's, and a few hip hop and country flavored groups. If there was a true festival in the same scope and vein as Woostock this would be it. I have never been surrounded by 75,000 people before, but everyone was totally cool and made you feel really comfortable. For more info and more pics, check out the offical Bonnaroo site at (

The Drive Down

These pics were taken on our fabulous 9 hour trek to Tennessee. The top one just looked cool, the middle is the "Welcome to Tennessee" sign, and the bottom is a random pic.

Our Kick Ass Nashville Pad

This is the pad that Toth and I stayed at in Nashville. The pic was taken right before we left and is fairly trashed :) You can see the bags of most of the crap we bought, including records and rock star clothes as Toth calls em.

Our Home Away From Home

This was our dirty home for 3 smelly days (there weren't any shower facilities). We actually had a hell of a set up, as you can see; luckily Toth had a ton of awesome camping supplies such as the awning and those kick ass chairs. By the way, we almost got blown up real good when the fire from grill jumped onto the propane tank. We were saved by Toth's quick thinking (I got stuck in my kick ass chair).

The Biggest Drum Circle EVER (as far as I know)

This was probably the most amazing thing I saw at Bonnaroo. The pic doesn't do this drum circle any kind of justice. The circle was at least twice as big as pictured and had people baggin on everything the could get their hands on (drums, garbage cans, you name it). I probably could have just sat and watched it all day long, and I bet a few people did, those hippies sure love to trance out.

The Arena

Being the second biggest stage at Bonnaroo, this is also where some of the biggest names played. I (usually accompanied by my good friend and heterosexual life-mate Toth) saw Gov't Mule, Jack Johnson, Jurassic 5, Bela Fleck & Edger Meyer, and the Super Jam. I dig this stage the best because I could just chill out by a wood wall they put up, get out of the sun, watch some awesome guys toss the bee, and listen to excellent music. By the way, I think Bela and Edger are on the stage in this pic.

The Stadium

Seeing as how this was the biggest stage it also held the biggest bands. Every night you either came here to watch Widespread or Trey and that was your only choice (which I thought kinda sucked, but I bet it was in their contract or something). Anyway, I saw The Flying Frog Brigade, Widespread, Ben Harper, maybe String Cheese (I can't remember and I wasn't even high like everyone else), Ween, Phil and Bob, and I watch Trey play on this stage from the top of my van.

Phil and Bob

I'm not a huge Dead fan, so this wasn't as thrilling for me as it was for most present, but I do know a once in a lifetime (at least for me) opportunity when I see it, so I stuck around. I ended up checkin out most of their first set and then I wondered over to the Superjam, which I really dig cause I got to just chill out on the grass and listen to some amazing music. I highly recomend downloading the Superjam from, it's truley awesome.


Toth took these pics, that's why they suck :) Just kiddin man. Anyway, like I said before I watched this show from the top of the van cause I'm not really a Trey fan. I dug it from where I was and Toth loved it. Everyone thought this was gonna be a big Phish reunion, I thought they were idiots and I guess I was right. I guess I'm just too cynical to be a hippy. Bummer dude.

The Drive Home

We ended up leaving Bonnaroo right after Toth got back to the van after Trey was done. It took us 3 hours to get out of the lot, which sounds like a lot but it's nothing compared to the time it took us to get in. Anyway, I thought I could make it a big part of the way home and then we could stop and get a hotel room, well I made it about an hour after getting out of the lot and I needed to stop. We slept, got up, bathed, and then hit the road again. These pics were taken in the midst of the 8 hour drive home, I think we're going crazy from Kentucky, it's a boring ass state.