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Here are some questions that were posted on my messageboard. You can just think about them right now or print them off and bring them to the studio to discuss with your friends inbetween classes. Have fun! And if you and/or your friends think of anymore questions you think are pretty good, just e-mail them to me!

*Would you rather never dance again from this moment on, or never improve and start getting worse from now on until you don't even know what a plie is and then once you reach that point quit all together.*

*Would you rather be good in turns and suck at jumps, or be good in jumps and suck at turns?*

*Would you rather be a principle at a smaller company that's less heard of around the world or be in the corps of ABT or SAB or something like that?*

*Would you rather have good feet and bad turnout or bad feet and good turnout*

*Would you rather be flexable and weak or strong and stiff?*

*Would you rather be the best in your class and not learn anything or be worst in your class and learn a lot.*

*Would you rather always long to be a dancer but never dance or be a dancer who hated it?*

*Would you rather be thin and weak or chunky and strong?*

*Would you rather not go on to prima ballerina if your knee hurt or continue dancing, become a prima ballerina and have extreme pain in your knee 24/7? *

*Would you rather dance a realllllyy good pas de deux or be an awesome soloist?*