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Owner Update

FALL 2005
This is my first year in the "real world." I am currently a permanent substitute at a middle school. I love it, but can't wait for interviews to start up again for a chance at my own classroom. I am also extremely happy that I have been able to start up dance again. It was challenging at first, but it's only been two months and I've come so far with my flexibility, etc. I've been toying around with the idea of starting up pointe again, but we'll see what happens. Stay tuned, and HAPPY DANCING!

Recent Updates: A new messageboard, updated info on my ballet training for the last 4 years, and current pointe shoe styles added to the pointe shoe guide.

This is my senior year of college and I am doing my student teaching in a 7th grade math classroom. It's going to be a lot of work, but I am going to try to make some updates to this page. First things first, I am going to post a couple papers I have written for my college dance courses to give you some inspiration and an example of how to write critically about dance and movement. I hope you enjoy them. Haven't brainstormed much for the rest, but stay tuned. Happy dancing!

FALL 2003
Well, I am now a Junior in college studying Secondary Mathematics Education. Going to college involves so much time and work that I just haven't had the time like I used to to do research and update my page. Next year I will be keeping busy working as an RA in the dorms and plowing through my final year of academic classes before methods and student teaching. I am happy to say that after a two year leave from dance due to class scheduling conflicts, I am going to be able to start again this fall. Hopefully things will work out in the spring too. My love for dance has always been there and will always be. So many new webpages have popped up from people who are just like I was when I created mine. I am so glad to see that and I wish I had as much time as I did in high school to visit them thouroughly. Good luck to everyone looking for inspiration for their own pages and all dancers everywhere. Keep in mind that what made my page so successful was the fact that I went offline and found things that I had not been able to find anywhere else online. Originality and design is the key!!!