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*** My appologies to everyone who has applied for any awards in the last few months. I have currently been strapped to find time to facilitate the distribution of awards since I have started college. Please do not apply for any further awards until I have removed this announcement. Thanks! ***

Please fill out the form at the bottom to apply. I will visit your site as soon as I can and then send you any awards that you have qualified for. You must post the award linked to my page and then I will add you to the list of winners. Good luck!

~Past Winners~

**The Awards**

This award is for those people who made web pages out of their pure love for dance. It doesn't have to be something fantastic. It just has to represent what dance means to you. Basically, if you apply for this award, you will get it, as long as your page has something to do with dance.

This award is for those dance sites that show an excellent knowledge of dance. It's only for the very best. It must have good navigation and be visually pleasing. I have become a lot stricter about who can get this award. Good luck!

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