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Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Farm Share Program

Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Share Initiative
like a CSA only more so...
Boulder Belt 2016 Farm Share Prices

The Farm Share Share Table for 9-1/3-15 had the following choices
  • Beets-3 1 pound bunches as "item"
  • Ailsa Craig Onions 3 pound bag as an "item"
  • Basil 1/2 pound bag as an "item"
  • Leeks 3 as an "item"
  • Garlic 5 heads as an "item"
  • Eggplant take 10 as an "item"
  • Red Onion 2 pound box as an "item"
  • Green beans 2 pounds as an "item"
  • Sweet peppers take 10 as an "item"
  • strawberries/red raspberries/blackberries take 2 boxes as an "item"
  • CeleryTake 2 heads as an "item"
  • Watermelon take 2 as an "item"
  • Garlic Powder 1 oz sandwich bag as an "item"
  • Hot peppers 1 box as an "item"
  • Take 3 herbs as an item
  • Fresh Thyme small bunch "item"
  • Savory 1 bunch as an "item"
  • Fresh Italian Parsley 1 bunch as an "item"
  • Tarragon 1 bunch as an "item"
  • heirloom Lettuce 1/2 pund as an "item"
  • Winter squash (butternut, sibley, delicata, buttercup) 3 squash as an "item"
  • Apples 3 pounds as an "item"
  • Zucchini Take 2 as an "item"
  • Blanton's Peas 1 pound bag as an "item"
  • Black beans 1 pound bag as an "item"
  • Butterbeans 1 pound as an item
  • Okra 1 pound as an item
  • Fennel 3 bulbs as an item
  • Cantaloupe Take 3 as an item
  • Heirloom Tomatoes Take 6 pounds basket as an item Members come to the farm and "shop" from tables piled with freshly harvested produce from our farm. They get to fill their shares with what they want in the amounts they want: 6 items per share

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      Boulder Belt 2016 Farm Share Prices

  • We Sell the Best and Compost the Rest

    Taking Members for the 2016 Season
    Our 19th Year as a year 'round CSA

    Pay on-line with PayPal or credit card!!

    For the past 19 years we have operated a CSA on our small sustainable farm in Preble County Ohio. We offer our members virtually year round availability of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, all grown on our farm. We grow over 50 different kinds of produce including a lot of heirloom varieties, many from seeds we have been saving for decades. Members get the rare privilege of seeing where and how their food is grown and thus they become much more knowledgeable about and connected to their food and the farm upon which it is grown. The more one knows about where their food comes from and how it is grown, the less they will have to use the industrial food system as their proxy as to what food they put in their bodies. By eating more locally and supporting local farmers and farms, all of us can have a safer, secure and much more sustainable food system and healthier lives. Joining the Boulder Belt Eco-farm Farm Share Program is a great way to do all of this and more.

    2016 Farm Share Initiative's Nutz and Boltz

  • Endless Share runs from about Mid March (we start when it gets decent enough for things to start growing which can vary by 2 to 3 weeks every spring) through January of 2017, is $1200 for a share
  • Spring Session runs May 3/5/ to July 19/21 is $400 for a share
  • Summer Session runs Aug 7/9 to Oct 25/27, cost is $400
  • The 2015/16 Winter Share program runs Nov 8/10 to Jan 24/6th. Cost is $500 for a Share (12 items every other week).

    On farm pick up.
    Pick up days are Tuesday and Thursday on the farm. 5pm to 7pm
    On farm pick up is a market style pick-up where our members get to choose exactly what they want in their weekly share.

  • The Crops
    We grow over 50+ different crops including parsnips, lettuce, onions, garlic, carrots, beets, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes (over 15 kinds), peppers, cantaloupes, watermelon, potatoes, Turnips, parsley root, leeks, black popcorn, kale, chard, spring mix, arugula, pears, parsley, savory, cilantro, radishes, celeriac, spinach, spaghetti squash, black beans, etc.. Take a look at our What We Grow Page for the complete seasonal list

  • Shares
    Each week members will receive a choice of seasonal produce. We do a Market Share where our members construct their own share of 6 items from tables filled with the day's harvest. On farm pick up only. How it works is first thing in the morning, before members come to the farm to pick up their food, they will get an email newsletter that, among other things, will have a list of what will be available and will have an idea what they want to put in their share. Most weeks there will be 25 to 35 items, from which the members can choose. Members pack their bags and are on their way (unless they want to walk around the farm, go fishing or help on the farm)

    A share should feed 1 to 2 vegetarians (or omnivores who already eat 5+ helpings of produce daily) or 3 to 5 people who are basically meat eaters most of their produce needs for a week
    The shares are seasonal and the produce will change weekly and monthly

  • Other Perks Coming to the farm to pick up one's share is a part of our attempt to reconnect as many people as we can back to the farms, but it is not enough. We email all our members a weekly newsletter with news of the farm, a list of what is in the share (there are often a few unfamiliar items) and usually a recipe. Read past farm share newsletters here. We have periodic events such as farm to table dinners, farm tours and work opportunities here on the farm. While we do not require work hours as some CSA programs do we do welcome any volunteers who want to help us out.
  • Flexibility
    We have been running CSA type programs on and off (more on than off) for the past 15 years and one thing we have found is that it is best to be flexible. So, unlike some other CSA programs, we do not have 20+ week seasons but rather have broken down our growing year into 12 week sections. This allows members to not be tied down for a long time and possibly miss out on a lot of shares
  • Refunds
    Like many other CSA type programs, we require our members to share the risk of farming with us. Farming is inherently risky, we do what we can to minimize the risk such as planting a wide array of different crops, succession planting, using crop protection such as hoop houses and row covers, not to mention our expertise at growing food crops. So far we have yet to have a major crop failure in 20 years of farming, but it could happen. But if we could make it through the 2012 growing season without missing a week and never shorting our members despite it being the worst growing year in about 100 years, than we can make it through almost any growing season. If the weather makes it impossible to grow crops, we will not be issuing refunds as this is the risk we all take (and while members might be out up to $2000, we farmers will be out tens of thousands of dollars and possibly our home). We do not issue refunds for missed (forgotten) pick-ups. We will send out an email newsletter each week reminding all members to pick up their share(s) along with other information. If you know that you will not be around to get your share, find a friend or colleague to pick it up and use it in your stead. This way the food will not be wasted and you may well turn another person on to the wonders of being a CSA member. We do not give refunds because a member leaves the CSA of their own volition.

    To join the Farm Share Initiative or for more information Email Us
    We will never sell or trade your email address