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NEW - Updated 31.01.03

Wallpaper for your desktop - Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings!!

More wallpaper - Orlando Bloom as Legolas

Orlando Bloom as himself - this is nice wallpaper

THE LORD OF THE RINGS - Clips from the Fellowship of the Ring"

THE SNOG - Bridget Jones Diary - Click and ENJOY!

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My Babylon5 / Crusade Pages

Highlander Page
Snaps from the Bugs episode "Twin Geeks" co-starring HL bad guy Valentine Pelka"
A PW mix from "Noah's Ark"
Family Affairs (snaps of Valentine Pelka in the series)

ER - Old episode - the LIVE episode - this link takes you to the first of 3 pages. Enjoy!
ER - Carol Hathaway's last moments in the show. This is page 1 of 2.

MISCELLANEOUS (but still good stuff!)

My version of a Phantom Menace Poster
My Review of Episode 1 - Star Wars
Star Wars - Episode 1 - Ewan McGregor. My version
Michael Ironside
Pics of the last Royal Wedding - Edward & Sophie

Armageddon - the 1998 blockbuster with Bruce Willis - Page 1 is here, Page 2 - COMING SOON!

One Fine Day - 3 pages totalling 28 pix - ENJOY!


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