It was a happy site,
It was a funny site,
But most of all it was run by a good guy...
...heh yeah right.

March 8 1999 - January 31 2001

Sorry, no site to forward you to at this time(expect a newer fancier one soon)

If you have seen the site and havd visited occasionally you would have seen the downward spiral it underwent as files disappeared, links were broken, etc, etc... All in all I'm glad it's done.

Jeez Dan, Why'd you go and put this up on the school site? There was some pretty slanderous stuff here. Stuff that I don't want people to know I said. I hope that nobody actually got through all those Angelfire Pop-ups and saw that crap. God I hate angelfire. Oh yeah, and Xoom, Commercialism is taking over... Slowly...

... Until then go visit Stickdeath.com It's a real spiffy site, if you catch my drift...

Maybe I'll stop being such a cheapskate and actually pay for my webspace... then maybe I'll be able to put some good stuff on there, if you catch my drift... No, not porn.