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Rearing Samia cynthia

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 Food: Cythia moth caterpillars feed mainly on Ailanthus (Tree of Heaven) but will also accept willow and staghorn sumac.

 Life cycle: Adults only live 3-7 days. Adults mate easily

go to S.cynthia forming cocoon and the females lay from one to three hundred eggs. The eggs hatch in under 2 weeks and tiny caterpillars emerge which feed on the leaves. When small the caterpillars eat little but when nearly full grown food must be supplied constantly as they eat tons. After one month to three the caterpillars form cocoons and pupate. Cocoons are usually refrigerated and brought out for hatching in the spring.

Difficulties: Caterpillars must be in constant contact with food if not fed Ailanthus as they will tend to wander away.

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