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Rearing Anisomorpha ferruginea

The Western two-stripe stick is one of the few warningly colored sticks and for a good reason; A. ferruginea females squirt a very noxious fluid which can not only irritate but also cause blindness to its would be attackers.

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Food: The Western two-stripe eats rose, blackberry, oak, and other related plant leaves.

 Life cycle: Adult females drop hundreds of small barrel-shaped ova which can hatch in as little as two months. The tiny males become adults in about 3 months with the females becoming adults 1-3 months later. Males couple with females as soon as possible and will stay there (unless forcibly removed) after the female dies. They go down with the ship.

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 Nymphs are very small, delicate creatures but will have nearly 100% survival if fed thin leaves such as the multiflora (wild) rose. Ova are hardy but are prone to desiccation if left dry for long periods of time.

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