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Space Jockey Theories
Space Jockey Theories

Theory 1: The Red Xenomorph

This is still under specualtion but it is believed by some that the Red Xenomorph is actually a attempt by the other side of the Space Jockey's civil war to make a counter action against the familiar Black Xenomorph. It is a attempt because some things went wrong while trying to clone them:

  1. They have a obvious red exoskeleton.
  2. They are much more aggresive.
  3. It takes a whole day for a embryo to gestate after impregnation.
  4. They seem to want to kill more than reproduce or serve the hive.
  5. They automatically attack any black xenomorph over any other threat.

Theory 2: The Black Mold

The Black Mold is a substance reported on the terra-formed world of RLW 1289. It was never found anywhere else and since the original supply vanished, has been hard to re-create in a lab. The Black Mold is totally harmless to humans but has an extreme adverse effect on the Alien species and seemingly only the alien species. It devours the resin of their hives and retards embryo development. It does not eat anything else. The crumbling black dried-peanut butter-type substance carries on the backs of aliens into the hive where it attacks the resin walls, the eggs, and then finally the queen. The mold weakens the facehugger, preventing them from impregnating people with any effectiveness. Those that do succeed usually only implant dead chestbursters that die in the womb or upon birth.

The queen’s egg sack rots and dies…she soon follows from the infection. The drones cannot create jelly. Soon, the alien drones, in a mad dash to sustain the hive, exhaust themselves into extinction. The whole process for an average hive can take as long as a month from initial attack but the end result is still the same. If the queen’s chamber is infected from the start, this process can be shortened to only a matter of days since the Drone’s care of the queen will spread the mold to every part of the hive in a few hours.

The Mold is totally uninterested in any other substance and is not even poisonous to other life forms, even though it offers no nutritional value. This leads to the conclusion that this mold, although found initially on an un-colonized planet, must be bio-engineered because of its single-minded mentality. It has been deduced man did not manufacture it.

Theory 3: The Proteus Planet

The Alien homeworld wasn't discovered until about fifty years after the Alien infestation of Earth.The Jockey Race terraformed this world to be a complete storehouse of the species. The Atmosphere is covered by a highly corrosive shell filled with radioactive particles spewed from modified volcanoes in strategic areas. The surface is somewhat breathable, with a larger amount of Nitrogen than Earth. But the Ozone layer is filled with these particles, which seem to neutralize nuclear weapons, disrupt condensed energy, and cause havoc to virtually all flight systems. As a result, no spacecraft can enter the atmosphere without suffering inoperable damage. No weapons have been found to inflict enough damage to the surface to reduce the billions of aliens on planet.

It is assumed the Jockey ships were capable of traversing this barrier. The Snakefighters and Nemesis class ships as well as the Razzia dropship are also protected from these harmful effects but there are too rare to be of any use. It would take the entire CMC fleet days to wipe out the globe. After the infestation of Earth ended they did exactly that.

Theory 4: The Biomechanoids

The technical term for the Jockey Race were the Biomechanoids. They were a synchronizing of man and machine which was the natural evolution of their growth rather than a side effect. No one can truly be aware on how alien a non-terran intelligence can be. As theorized throughout history, there is virtually nothing distinguishable between them and us. Yes, they maybe have two arms and two legs with one mouth and two eyes but that’s where it ends. Two arms and two legs makes sense as do two eyes. Everything else is foreign. They are tall when standing (12 – 17 feet tall) with extremely strong arms and legs. They have dead eyes--seeing and not seeing. Very weak in comparison. Their mouths are virtually useless to them as well. Their bodies are Sepia colored although most are found jet black, like the technology surrounding them

Their minds operate on a totally different level, utilizing powers never before even imagined. The technology is so totally integrated into their lives. Although they are themselves organic, they seem to have the capacity to merge with their devices. In many ways, all their tools, whether a hammer or a massive spacecraft, became part of their body when they use their--their tools become extensions of their own mind. Surviving Biomechanoids exist but they have gone nomadic across the cosmos. They keep to themselves and usually wait to die. Some are actively searching for all remnants of their technology in order to eliminate it. Some want to rebuild their race from the ground up. All have either a morbid fear of a all out dying hatred for the xenomorphs they created. They are also long lived. It is quite possible the ones still roaming through the cosmos actually bore witness to their species’ own destruction.

Theory 5: The Bio-Alloy The Jockey Race developed their technology originally from refined metals like mankind, but found a newer developments in an alternative field. The first was plastisteel compound found often in mankind present technology—the advancement of building materials with resilience and strength, to be flexible and tough at the same time. The next advancement was the inclusion of memory metals—no matter how much physical damage the compound withstood, it could always return to the original shape it was designed for. From there came materials that could modify themselves per the whims of whoever was controlling it. After that came pure regeneration—to heal the damage dealt to it. Over eons of evolution past our primitive level gave birth to the Bio-Alloy. This usually sepia to black colored substance is extremely rigid and resilient and capable of maintaining its shape and regenerating from damage taken.

The disadvantage of the substance is that it requires a minor circulatory system similar to a living organism for the bio-alloy to maintain its organic stability. The aliens cannot seem to convert Jockey race materials. Their hives can’t seem to stay attached and they cannot ingest the materials for nourishment or hive construction. Jockey Race Bio-Alloy seems almost totally immune to alien acid. Acid is only half effective. All Bio-Alloy is regenerative. Any Bio-Alloy can regenerate 10% of its total damage ever day. If the power system is damaged, this cannot occur, however.

That's it for now. But soon I'll add more Theories and Pictures.