KayLee Anne Renee Chandler

July 12, 2002 - October 8, 2004

KayLee was brutally murdered
by her mother's boyfriend,
when she was left in his care
as her mother went to the grocery
KayLee was a beautiful little girl,
full of life and laughter.
When she saw something she liked
she would point at it and exclaim;
She loved "Sponge Bob",
Maybe because he was her favorite
color, which was yellow
Life will be emptier without her
The pain we feel is unbarable,
the memories we have,
we are thankful for
God has called his angel home.
We miss you baby girl

This page is still under construction.
More will be added in the future,
as this is a highly emotional time
for all.

The monster, Robert Bennett,
was found guilty of aggrevated murder,
in the beating death of this 2 year old baby girl.
He was sentenced to 15 years to life
for this cowardly crime he committed.
Although it is not nearly the punishment he deserves,
for such a horrible crime,
at least it is something.
In 15 years, upon the time that this cowardly monster
is eligable to be let out of prison,
KayLee would have been 17 years old.
A Senior in high school.
She would have been driving her first car,
preparing for her prom,
and for her upcoming graduation.
KayLee could have gone on to become the first female President of the USA.
She could have found a cure for a life threatening disease.
There are so many things that KayLee could have done for the world.
Things that this cowardly monster took away so brutally.
It is my firm belief that justice will be served to him
one way or another,
as we reap what we sow in life.
Right now, the cowardly monster, Robert Bennet,
is at ROSS CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION , in the Chillicothee, Ohio area.
I hope the men he will serve his time with,
will know exactly who he is.
As if what he has done to this family is not enough,
his family is now harrassing KayLee's mom.
They stalk her where she goes,
They continually drive by her house,
and threaten her.
What type of people are these?
The answer is simple.
They are the lowest form of lifestyle.

Enter the monsters information
on the page that the link below will take you to. If you do a search by his name, you can find his picture now posted there.
Case # 04CR001135
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