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Wildwood Young Marines

The Leaders of Tomorrow

The Commanding Officer attended the Commanders Conference 2003 this year and returned with the fire and spirit that makes our Young Marine Organization a great place to be.    Many subjects were discussed during the conference but "Leadership" was the main focus of the event.   Meeting with other Commanders was definitely an inspiration for me.     I did not know how truly strong our organization was or how diverse we Marines are until I went to this conference.    It was an experience that gave me the "Leadership" tools to complete our mission.

SPACES 2003 is now closed for the 2003 season but don't worry we will be planning some camping trips for those of you that could not attend the National Encampments.    If you have not expressed your interests on any camp you wanted to attend, now is the time to think about next year.

In January's news, there was the sad report that one of our founding members that had pasted away.    You can read more about him here.

Promotions and recommendations are due in and will be awarded as they are processed.   Look for your awards from the Adjutant's office as they receive them.

New members have joined the unit. Welcome them as you see them in drill.    Training camp is now 12 strong and increasing.    All Senior Young Marines will remember their time in training camp and assist the "Recruits" on how you prepared for testing and training.

The March of Dimes Walkathon went very well.    I am proud to say that our Young Marines were able to give to a worthwhile organization again.    You all should be commended for your unselfish efforts and a special thanks to our Executive Officer Mrs. Woods and Mr. Tepley for the fine job of organizing the event and keeping our core values a head of personal glory.

Chesty will return you to base