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Wildwood Young Marines
Young Marine Knowledge


This page is provided for any Young Marine that is looking for answers to questions that may not appear in your Young Marine Guide Book.

The information that is located on this page is for the advancement of the Wildwood Young Marines.   You as a Young Marine are required to know things that are not in the Guide Book or may change more frequent than the reissuing of Guide Books.     So it is helpful to have this information printed out for studying.

Note about this Page:
The information on this page is a guide supplement for you.     It is no way a substitute for studying the Young Marine Guide Book.    Make sure that you are studying at least 15 minutes a week from the manual.    Studying regularly, will enable you to get into the practice of studying your homework regularly as well as guaranteeing the opportunity for promotion in the program.

For more information on Young Marine Knowledge 
Read your Young Marine Guide Book.