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Title Author
Fair Game Benard DuClous
Inside The Cult Mark Brenult
The Torso Killer Ron Leith
From Cradle To Grave Joyce Egginton
Crossing The Line Lisa Pulitzer
Prison Groupies Clifford Linedecker
The Copeland Killings Tom Miller
Bitter Blood Jerry Bledso
Early Graves Tom Cook
Love's Blood Clard Howard
Evil Harvest Rod Colvin
Most Likely To Succeed Alan Gelp
Sunset Murders Louise Farr
Wasteland Michael Newton
Signature Killers Robert Keppel
Flowers For Mrs.Luskin Arthur John Harris
Deadly Innocence-2 copies Scott Burnside
Son Jack Olsen
Deadly Obsessions Clifford Linedecker
Darkson Deniece Lang
Fatal Seduction Rena Vicini
Nightstalker Phillip Carlo
Overkill James Fox, Jack Levin
Pray for us sinners Fredrick Kunkle
Jeffrey Dahmer-2 copies Joel Norris
The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer Brian Masters
Killer Women Richard Jones
Garbage People Gilmore
Psycho Paul Woods
Destined For Murder Young-Rowland
The Serial Killer Letters Jennifer Furio
Human Monsters Everitt
Angel of Darkness Dennis McDougal
Buried Secrets Ed Humes
The Boston Stranglers Susan Kelly
Charmer Jack Olsen
Son of Sam Klausner
Lustmord Brian King
A-Z Encyclopedia Everitt-Schetter
Hastened to the Grave Jack Olsen
Obsession  John Douglas
The Making of a Serial Killer Rolling/London
True crime Serial Killers
True crime Mass Murderers
True crime Compulsion to Kill
Peircing the Darkness Kathern Ramsland
A Fathers Story Lionel Dahmer
The Beauty Queen Killer Gibney
Sex Slave Murders R.Barri Flowers
Serial Murderers Art Crockett
Black Dahlia James Elroy
Fever In the Heart Ann Rule
I-5 Killer Ann Rule
Starkweather William Allen
Once Upon A Time
Garden Of Graves Maria Eftimades
Polly Klaas Barry Bortnick
If You Really Loved Me Ann Rule
Deadly Thrills-2 copies Jaye Slade Fletcher
Blood Lust-2 copies Gary King
Manhatten North Homicide Thomas McKenna
Fatal Charm Carlton Smith
Innocent Prey Bernie Ward
Mindhunter John Douglas
The Killers Among Us Colin Wilson
The Riverman Robert Kepple
Suffer The Child Judith Spencer
Beyond all reason David Smith
Killing for Company Brian Masters
Family Affairs Andy Hoffman
The Vampire Killers Clifford Linedecker
Rapists Wife Kathryn Casey
Hitmen Rose G. Mandlsberg
Final Vows  Karen Kingsbury
Cruel Sacrifice Aphrodite Jones
Crime of the Century Dennis Breo
Death of a Model Clifford Linedecker
Smooth Operator Clifford Linedecker
Snake and the Spider Karen Kingsbury
Arthur Shawcross Joel Norris
Little Lost Angel Michael Quinlan
The Killer Clown Terry Sullivan
Lady Killer Juliet Papa
The Misbegotten Son Jack Olsen
A Family Business Ken Englade
I Have Lived In The Monster Robert Ressler
Sins of the Mother Maria Eftimades
Nightstalker Clifford Linedecker
Who Will Cry For Staci? Milton Shapiro
Hell Hath No Fury Bryan Taubman
Masquarade Lowell Cauffiel
Loves Blood Clark Howard
Badge of Betrayal Joe Cantlupe
Dead By Sunset Ann Rule
A Rose For Her Grave Ann Rule
Lobster Boy Fred Rosen