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Richard Ramirez Art

cover of an Acid Bath cd drawn by Richard.
from the Acid Bath homepage .
My personal collection of Richards art

I don't sell Richards artwork, but here is a link to one that does on the Serial Killers, inc.© website. His prices vary due to the time it takes Richard to do the work. I'm not sure if he charges extra or not seeing that I bought my pieces directly from Richard. There are a few examples of his art on that page. He makes NO PROFIT on these sales, and he donates 5% of the money made from them to the American Cancer Society.

here and here are a couple more links to some of his artwork on Murderer's Row...the unofficial homepage of the Night Stalker. ****Richard Ramirez Art Gallery and Gallery Macabre shown courtesy of Darkvisions/Murderer's Row©.****

The art sales mentioned on this page are owned by Serial Killers, inc.© .