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Richard 'The Night Stalker' Ramirez

This page deals with the ALLEGED crimes of Richard Ramirez.

Richard Ramirez, one of the more recent killers, terrorized Los Angeles during 1985. He was into heavy metal, mainly AC/DC and is an avid Satanist. The press dubbed him the nickname "The Night Stalker" because he would stalk peoples houses at night, break in, murder, rape, sodomize, and burglarize the people that lived there.

He often mutalited bodies, and once left a pentagram drawn with lipstick at the crime scene. He thought that the power of Satan would protect him from being caught and would protect him from being harmed as well.

On September 1, 1985, police finally identified Richard Ramirez as "The Night Stalker" and posted his picture on the front page of many newspapers in California. That afternoon an angry mob of people captured and beat him after he attempeted to steal a car.

At his trial, he drew a pentagram on his palm **see the pic below** and shouted "Hail Satan". In 1989, Ramirez was convicted on 13 counts of murder, and was sentenced to death. Ramirez is currently awaiting execution at San Quentin Prison, where he continues to have complete faith in Satan. He also recently married a woman that's admired him since seeing him on TV with a bandage on his head.

If you would like to learn more about Ramirez, there's a book called "The Nignt Stalker: The life and crimes of Richard Ramirez." It's a very interesting (not to mention shocking) book.

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