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Wayne on Angelfire

This site is quite old and way past time for an update / overhaul.

As a start, all the old material is archived for future reference.

Second I am posting an old family photo.

Family - Coffman cousins, Approx. 1939

coffman_cousins-1939-outline A - Helyn Seigman
B - Billy Coffman
C - Joyce 'Mitzi' Seigman
D - Alma Sutter
E - Mary Jane 'Pertz' Coffman
F - Alice Sutter
G - Tony 'Pertz' Coffman
H - unknown
I - Ronald Carlin
J - Donald Coffman
K - Bobby Coffman
L - Jim 'Pertz' Coffman
M - Robert Wismar


Last Updated on 5 July 2015
By J. Wayne Rhine