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Rising from the ranks of the early-'80s indie scene, R.E.M managed to achieve a rare feat, combining world-wide commercial success without compromising their integrity. Along the way, the band has released an incredible string of albums and modern-day anthems like 'Losing My Religion' and 'Everybody Hurts'.

"R.E.M is part lies, part heart, part truth and part garbage."

Peter Buck

"We're serious about what we do. We just don't take it too seriously."

Mike Mills

"''The Best Rock'n'Roll Band In the World"? It's really embarrassing. There is no best band. But I'll take it: I've had worse things said about me."

Bill Berry

"On one hand, it's rock'n'roll, music, entertainment and something you can clean the dishes to. Or, if you want to dig deeper, it's something that you can think about, something that might provoke you into investigating particular things."

Michael Stipe

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