Jueness Musical WeltBlech
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Jeunesses Musicales WeltBlech

Jeunesses Musicales - World Brass
Since 1970, the Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra has annually brought together talented young musicians from many different nations and has performed to critical acclaim around the globe. With the help of internationally renowned coaches and conductors, the orchestra has demonstrated again and again that young people from such varied backgrounds can harmoniously work together at a high artistic level. At the opening concert of the Verbier Festival (Switzerland) in 1996, the Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra was awarded the title "UNESCO Ambassador of Good Will" for their extraordinary artistic performance and work towards international understanding by the Director General of UNESCO.

The ensemble Weltblech was founded in 1995/96 by members of the Brass section of the JMWO. The 11 young members of the ensemble who represented 7 different countries, rehearsed a varied program of music from the Baroque to Contemporary and Jazz with the assistance of coach Barnabas Kubina, solo horn of the German Symphony Orchestra. In January 1996, Weltblech gave a highly successful performance at the Philharmonic Concert Hall in Berlin. The enthusiastic response inspired the members to continue their work and have since performed at several festivals and on concert tours, continually expanding their large and varied repertoire. Weltblech has worked in collaboration with such notable composers as Theo Brandmüller, John Maxwell Geddes, Chris Hazell, and Jan Koetsier to expand the base of literature for this type of ensemble.

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