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For those of you who don't know, VAST is a
project produced by Jon Crosby. It's pretty good
stuff. It's mostly techno, but with a weird twist.
Crosby, 21, uses an 18 piece orchestra, a Bulgarian women's choir,
and a choir of Benedictine Monks, along with a wonderful
array of acoustic to heavily distorted guitars.
One way or the other, it kicks ass.

But don't take my word for it, listen to what everyone else has to say.

Hey, these guys at are having a special show with our
man Crosby, so go check it out!!!!!! Give some props!
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Click here to go read a cool article on Imusic.
Click here for a review on News Journal Online
Click here for a review on C Notes music news
Click here for a review on Las Vegas Weekly (with audio samples!)

Here's a sample of a track on the VAST album.

Vast One of the best albums I've ever had the
luck to come across. Buy it, enjoy it,
love it. I just can't even describe how
good this one is.
Rating: 20.00

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