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Yes, thats right, I actually updated this page, please scroll down and look, we have an amazing 10 customs now! Info needed to surf this page: When we refer to dan, that is, all his customs have a white backround behind them opposite to Bills, or, all his have the black backround behind them, thats just to help you out when you are checkin this page out. thanks. read on.
Bounty Hunters
Here is my first custom, a Boba Fett removable Helmet, it came out better than I thought it did, Dan(JabaHut13) came up with a cool idea of making a Sarlacc Damaged Boba Fett, and I have to admit it's awesome, here it is(below)

P.S. the reason that his scar is on the wrong side is that the image was flipped in scanning, it is not an error.

COMING SOON!!!- Danz Borin(cantina Spacer)
This is Boshek(above) he is the person Obi Wan talks to as he enters the cantina I believe.
Now, dont ask me who this is, I just had some extra parts laying around from when I made my General Han Solo and was bored so I made a Bespin Lak Sirvak. Hey its not my best work but I think its pretty cool!!!!
Well, Dan was obviously showing off his skill here, I think this is a beutiful piece of art, this is the bartender from the cantina. It looks so real I think I will make a Coin flipping han solo that says " sorry for the mess" what do you think!!!!
This is Benther the Cantina Alien, he is not seen in the Movie but I needed filler for my cantina pop up. it came out pretty good as you can see.
This is Dans first sculpted figure, Spike, it came out nice, pretty good for a first time dont ya think!!! He is not in the movie but I think should have been!!!
This is also another cantina alien, this is Naurin, he is never seen also but I thought it would look pretty kewl in my cantina pop up next to Benther so what the heck. COMING SOON!! Dan's(JabaHut13) BoSheck
Now this one came out really good I think, it is a general han solo. I saw this figure at a flea market that had wolf hands, feet, and head and like a general or army looking body, and I had an extra bespin han laying around so I made this. Tell me what you think by going back to my main page and signing my guestbook.
This is the Rebel Hunting Stormtrooper, this is where they are trying to find Luke and the Droids on Tatooine, I still need to make a few adjustments and a few more accessories but for now its koo.
COMING SOON!!- Rancor Pit
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