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Evil Minds Inc.'s Anime and Manga Page This is my page for stuff I find around the web that really isn't anime or manga or a blinkie or a doll(z).

I have added an interactive Frappr map to this page. If you clicked the link on the homepage and submitted your information, you should find a little ballon plotting out your location on the map.

The dancing 7-UP spot has been the mascot of Evil Minds Inc. since it's inception in 1998.

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The following links below are of some of my favourite websites and podcasts. Check them out and tell them I sent you!

and its webmaster, Phil Plait, seeks to debunk the misconceptions and myths of astronomy and other related topics within the media. You know how nearly every spring, a newscaster will tell you that you can stand an egg on it's broad end on the Equinox? Myth, you can do that at any time during the year with time, patience, and a couple eggs. If you try hard enough, you could get one to stand on it's narrow end. This site has info about the BAD/GOOD astronomy and/or science of some popular movies.

with: Steven Novella and his brothers Robert and Jay; Rebecca Watson, the Skepchick; Perry DeAngelis; Evan Bernstein; and James Randi. Podcast subscription available through iTunes or direct download at the website.

this podcast is brought to you by Fraier Cain and Dr. Pamela L.Gay (from Slacker Astronomy fame). This podcast has roughly the same feel as Slacker Astronomy did. Subscribe from your favourite podcast directory or directly from the site.

Slacker Astronomy continues on as Slackerpedia Galactica. Hosted by Michael Koppelman, Aaron Price and Travis Searle (of Slacker Astronomy fame), Rebekah Turner, Dr. Doug Welch, and Don O. Cook. Subscribe from your favourite podcast directory or directly from the site. You can also find the archives of Slacker Astronomy here.

a podcast for all of us gaijin, Josh is stationed in Japan. He discusses life in Japan. Go to Podcast Pickle to subscribe or you can download directly from the site.

Get a dose of skepticality or a dose of whimsicality from Derek and Swoopy. You can subscribe to their podcast from your favourite podcast directory or directly from the site.

CFPL FM 96 This is my favourite radio station, broadcasting from London, Ontario, Canada. It's got a great mix of rock, alternative rock, and some classic stuff, too. "It's worth a click."

The Hittman Chronicle get "Smartenized!" when you read The Hittman Chronicle. You can subscribe to the Quickhitts podcast from the site or through iTunes.

Logically Critical subscibe through iTunes or individual episodes are downloadable from the site.

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