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Evil Minds Inc.'s Anime and Manga Page losers thanks no hate

Welcome to the new and improved Evils Mind's Inc. website. Here you will find my latest offerings of anime and manga as well as some brand new miscellanea. Each page has a different piece of music playing in the background(don't worry, it only plays once through!) Please enjoy "In This Distant Town" from the first Card Captor Sakura movie! If you like what you see here, remember to bookmark my site. I will try to add more content as often as possible. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this page if you'd like to e-mail comments or you can Skype me using the name sanguisdraco.

I've got some fan art and other random drawings over at deviantART. Check it out!

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The pictures found on this page were made by other people. They are not my creations. I searched the internet to find the HTML code for these or right-clicked and have given credit to the original creator of the pictures in my links section. Some have a picture link, others have a text link, or some have the link already in the picture to get to the website for that picture. I try to give credit where credit is due, but I have lost the web addresses for many of my pictures. If you know where any of these pictures came from, please e-mail its web address so I can create a link. Please show respect for these people and click on their link to get a picture and give them credit by making a link to them on your home page. Thank you.