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Common Blues Tablature

The harmonica is a very powerful instrument. Below is some of my very own harmonica Tabulature.These licks are to be played with a harmonica in the key of C. Use the chart to find out whether the note is played by blowing or drawing(d)air. Listen to the sounds to compare. Try to get a clear, rich single note. This is the key to playing good harmonica. Try to have a vertical pucker and don't be afraid to put your lips around the harp. Practice and strive to get that rich clean tone. Experiment with different air pressures as you try to get some of the lower and higher register notes out. To bend the notes (b) change the air pressure in your mouth. Change the shape of your mouth as if saying, "whee-oooh" to lower the note when sucking air in. The easiest notes to bend are holes 3,4 and 6. A warble is when you quickly move from one hole to another.


  • Good Morning Riff
  • The Down Riff
  • The Up Riff
  • 6 Draw Solo
  • 6 Blow Up
  • 9 Blow Down
  • Complete Blues Scale Up
  • Complete Blues Scale Down
  • Down and Out Riff
  • The Two Step Riff

    More of Bob's Riffs:

  • All the Way Up Riff
  • All the Way Down Riff
  • Roseanne Riff
    A Very special thanks to Alexey Gribenko for the following riff video

    Good morning riff from Alexey Gribenko on Vimeo.