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For those that watch Days regularly, you may have noticed Roark giving the "I love you" sign while he was dancing with "Nurse Ali" in the show broadcast on Wednesday July 29. Here is a picture from Mike R: Roark Critchlow (born May 11, 1963) Roark Critchlow made his "Days of Our Lives" debut in April 1994 as the all-American Dr. Mike Horton. Although he was a newcomer to daytime TV when he joined "Days of Our Lives," he had appeared on several prime-time series, including "The Commish," "21 Jump Street," "The Round Table," "The Heights," "Highlander," "Cobra," "Bordertown," "Neon Rider" and "Top of the Hill." He also had a role in the feature film "Cadence." Critchlow was a theater major at the University of Victoria, Canada, and has appeared in stage productions of "Billy Bishop," "Trafford Tanzi," "The Dunsmuirs," "Gone to Glory" and "Dawson City Gaslight Follies." Before joining "Days of Our Lives," and between guest appearances on prime-time programs, he worked as a bartender. Critchlow was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and moved to the United States in 1993. He and his wife, Maria have two daughters, Jara Shea and Reign. Critchlow enjoys spending time with his family and stays active by swimming, running, skiing, rollerblading and playing basketball.
courtesy of NBC Mike Horton FAQ: Family Relations: Grandmother - Alice Horton Grandfather - Tom Horton Father - Bill Horton Mother - Laura Horton Sister - Jennifer Blake Half-Brother - Lucas Roberts
Love Interest: Carrie Brady
Occupation: Doctor
History: Mike Horton has the most sordid and lengthy history of almost any current character on Days. Beginning from his childhood, Mike was destined to be dazed and confused about his identity. He thought that Mickey was his father, but later learned that Mickey was impotent and that his biological father was his Uncle Bill, who had unintentionally raped his mother (who really loved him and eventually ended up with Bill anyway). It took him a long time to get over this.
In his early adult life Mike was plagued by an addiction to gambling and he had serious financial difficulties. While he was suffering these life stresses he was also watching his first wife succumb to cancer. After her death Mike went through several romances including his interest in Janice, a woman involved with his father Bill. This only forced the strained relationship between father and son to become worse.
There are two other significant love interests that should be mentioned. One is Robin whom he loved deeply despite their conflicts over the issue of religious differences. He had a son with Robin, but he and Robin split and his son remains indefinitely with his mother in Israel. The other woman in his life was April. She was perfect for Mike, funloving and playful, unfortunately that didn't work out either.
Recently, he has discovered that he loves Carrie. He is also the chief of staff at the hospital. Craig and Nancy are plotting to have him removed as the chief of staff. Nurse Ali is after him hard and heavy too. Will things work out for him, or will Carrie stay with the loser...oops I mean Austin.
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