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. Emagine: > Brescia, may 4 1952 


 The small 4 CV doesn't attrack much attention between all the Ferrari's who started from Mille Miglia.

Leading the race is the impressive hardtop Sedan 250 S driven by Giovanni Bracco.

But in its own catagory the 4CV does a fine job in stalling the attacks from the Italian rivals.

In rain and shine the 4CV of Jean Redele and Louis Pons dash over the Toscan roads.

Taking hills and peaks easily.  With his cheek, pithy 750cc engine.

This charming French sedan, nummer 2241 (corresponding with his departure-time) arrived in Brescia being the glorious winner in the "750cc sportseries"





List of honour:     1st_place_medal_md_clr.gif


1949      Rally van Monte Carlo       Catagory winner  l. Rosier, J.L. Rosier


1950      24 uurs race van Le Mans Catagory winner             Sandt, Coatalen


1950      Rally Luik - Rome - Luik   Catagory winner                Redele, Pons


1951      24 uurs race van Le Mans Catagory winner (klasse 501-750)            Landon, Briat

Rally feminin Paris-Saint Raphael / damesrally Catagory winner Mme Simon

Rally Algiers-Kaapstad    second place Lhommet, Lesprit, Ovazanna


1952      Mille Miglia                          Catagory winner                Redele, Pons

VP Renault  4CV 1064 tank (antem)  Speedtest at Montlhery  International speedrecords

Vernet, Pairard, Landon, Fretet


1953      Mille Miglia                          Catagory winner                Redele, Pons


1954      Mille Miglia                          Catagory winner                Rdele, Pons

Criterium des Alpes          Catagory winner                Redele, Pons

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