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Steve and Vicki's RANGER STATION

Steve and Vicki enjoy fresh seafood and tropical drinks at Mama's Fish House near Pa`ia on the island of Maui, Hawai`i. More photos to come! (September 16, 2009).

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U.S.G.S. Hawai'ian Volcano Observatory Links
Kilauea and Mauna Loa LIVE WEBCAMS.
Kilauea Eruption Update.
Hawai'i Earthquake Monitor.

Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park Links
"What's Going on with the Volcano?".
"Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park Official Website".

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KAUA`I ON TV informational videos.

MAUI ON TV informational videos .

BIG ISLAND ON TV informational videos.

LANA`I ON TV informational videos.

NATIONAL PARK SERVICE WEBCAMS - see current webcams of your favorite parks!.


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Click here to visit our Alaska Cruise 2004 Vacation Planning Links page. Pics coming soon!

COMING SOON! Pics of our 2002 through 2009 Kilauea Lava Adventures!

Click here to see the photos of our Hiking the Tatoosh Range page.

Welcome to the Ranger Station! Plan to enjoy your visit here in our webpage! We enjoy traveling to many far off (and far out!) places, and you can visit them right from your keyboard. careful with fire, obey all park regulations, and most of all...

Don't feed the bears!

Here at the Ranger Station, we look at each day as a challenge. We become so engulfed in our daily grinds that we must get away often to slow down and enjoy the natural wonders of the North American continent, and beyond. We love the outdoors - nothing beats the exhilaration of hiking in a cool spruce forest, high in the mountains away from cities, automobiles, and telephones. The seashores are naturally a great place to enjoy fun in the sun, but dare to put on a mask and snorkel and venture below the waves to find what is really great about the sea. Walk across a steaming volcano crater in Kilauea Caldera, and feel the dynamics of an ever changing landscape as an earthquake rips across the island. Experience the excitement as you huddle your family against a cliff face in Yellowstone National Park as a wild herd of bison stampede down the same trail you were standing on seconds earlier! Meet a bear face to face on a mountain top in the Great Smokies. The thrill of seeing your first bald eagle while rafting down the Snake River. The momentary fear of becoming hopelessly trapped in a 16 inch wide crawlway deep within Mammoth Cave, 350 feet below the surface. Hear the chilling howls of coyotes while sitting around your campfire in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Come within arm's length of a nesting baracuda...its cold, black eyes staring at you without remorse as you instinctively back away....

Come live the excitement! Vacation with us!!!!

We have traveled to 33 different National Parks (and countless monuments, seashores, historic sites,etc) from the Dry Tortugas National Park in the Gulf of Mexico to the volcanic wonders of Hawaii. From Acadia to Zion!

Click on the NPS arrowhead to go to OUR NATIONAL PARKS page, with pictures and links!

In addition to the great natural wonders that we have visited, we also like to travel to more offbeat places like Key West in the Florida Keys, Las Vegas, and baseball parks! We LOVE baseball, and have been to baseball games in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, and in Seattle.

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Travel has been a great career for Vicki , who spent 20 years as a travel agent.

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Defender of the environment (snicker), Steve works to protect our water resources on a local and regional level.

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Ranger Activities for this Season!

  • BEAR HUNT 2000 !! The Quest for Beer and Quest for Bear meet head on!
  • Pacific Northwest Vacation 2000 ! Volcanoes and Seashores!
  • Baseball! Watching the Tribe in 3 baseball parks this year!
  • Travel! Flights, Cruises, or a long road trip!
  • The Beach! Vicki is always in search of a good tan!
  • Computers, Internet, CuSeeMe, mIRC, ICUII, and ICQ.
  • Good friends and good times! Nothing beats laughing 'til ya cry!
  • National Parks! Do it in the wild!!!

Choose a Trail! Your paths to adventure!

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