Memorable Quotes

"Let it die." Dylan Price
"A couple.......each" Tony Bonetto
"NINE times..." Edward Rooney
"Its not my law!" Peggy Clark
"Strantos" Brent Clark
"Shut up and drive the damn bus!" Dan Holmes
"Would you like fries with that?" Tony Bonetto
"If we don't practice, the drum set leaves." Dylan Price
"Cheeseburger in Paradise." Dan Holmes
"Oww Oww Oww!" Son of Ghoul
"Deer in headlights." Bid
"Ahh geeze." Matt Carr 'Satchmo 9-fo-2'
"Don't lock your arms, you'll get scurvy." Kyle Otto
"Two isn't your lucky number." Moleman
"Hey Toomey...SHUT UP!" Dave Sterling
"They put a jimmie, on my antinnie!" Sterling/Holmes
"Numba 6, J. W. Harley!" Holmes/Sterling
"The whitemans overbite." Brent
"Just remember, you're not a senior." Goody
"Hey, it's there, why not click it?!" Bradford Price
"Shut up and sleep with me." Sin With Sebastian
"Come to butthead." James Hendryx
"No way Bill!" Ted Theodore Logan
"Yes way Ted." Bill S. Esquire
"Are you.....lying?" Dan Holmes
"Flip on the tele, wrestle with Jimmy." Weezer
"The W.C." Various Artists
"Hats off to the dance team." Irish Proverb
"We're building a half pipe on Randall St." Sterling/Lam/Holmes
"Biggy Biggy Biggy, can't you see." Mike Sterling
"E$Z" Himself (Buick Regal)
"Sweeeeeet." Rick/Rick, oops, I mean Wycoff
"It's your lucky day! You have 7 Minutes to clean that up!" Moleman
"Man"Sir Prince 'Pal'
"Here comes the ghost...*rip*...TOGA!!" Prixce/Holmes
"Bite the hand that feeds Tony." Akira
"Thats a pretty good deal." Dan Holmes
"Lets not make a contest out of this.." Moleman
"The Gayluge?" Chris Bryant
"It's a chocolate puck, filled with raspberry goo" Jeff Sterling
"Hi, I'm the Portley Prince." Jon Sterling
"Mainstreet Muffins!" Jon The Muffinman
"This band is going to swing hard." Ken Markson
"My car isn't very nice." Dan Holmes
"I found another thing wrong with your page..." Tony Boetto
"Hey, they got the new ones!" Dan Prixce
"How 'bout that?" Dylan Price
"My son's band, Dopamine is here!" YSU Jazz Band Director
"Hey, that looks like my quote page." Me
"Moleman has a humpback?" Jared Watt
"Welcome to my Xanadu" Voodridge
"Fleetwood MacRaild" Dan Holmes
"I've given up on you three." Miss Hombre
"Who the fuck ordered ribs?" Mine Truly
"Emon, fix your pants...yeesh, morning sickness." Emon's Mother
"BBQ Wall" Keith

Well, thats all for now, if you have any I missed, email me!
the management