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Well, as you probably already know, my name is Dan. (If you didn't know that, well, now you do). I was born just outside of Akron, Ohio. I've lived in Ohio for all 18 damn years of my life. Ohio isn't that bad at all, I mean, we rarely have a natural disaster, or even an artificial disaster. If you can put up with clouds, rain, snow, and sub-zero winters; Ohio is the place for you, and that is the truth.
As you might have read in my brief bio on my index page, I play many musical instruments. My band, My most recent purchase was a Paul Reed Smith CE22, which is blonde. I also have a Seagull Acoustic Guitar and an Ibanez Talman that is light blue, with lipstick pickups and a red pearlized pickguard.

I currently have two trumpets. My first trumpet, is a used Blessing Schoolastic horn...pretty shitty, but very durable. I just made an adjustment so that I can spin it on my finger, at high speeds! And then there is my Vincent Bach Stradavarius. This horn is worth every single dollar, if you are at all serious about music. Although it retails around $1300, I think you'll find it fit.

Now I guess you are wondering what kind of music I listen to, considering I play music. Well, I listen to a variety of music. My favorite band by far is Primus. They are just amazing. I also like the Presidents of the USA, Radiohead, The Ben Folds Five, Blues Traveler , Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews Band, Maynard Ferguson, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Rush, Tonic, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Pictures a plenty!

Homecoming '97
Sharp Dressed Dan
Prom '98
Dan -w- Lazarus
Lazarus @ Peabody's
Senior Picture
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