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Welcome to the realm of twisted history, via the man of mystery, intrigue, and pure football knowledge. Who could this be? Manny Ramirez? Mike Hargrove? No, no, if only it were that easy. This is the ultimate test of knowledge from one of the predacessors of American Historical knowledge. Try with all of your might, to reach the amazing "Dever Dever Land." Enjoy!

Round 1

Christopher Columbus, a man of brilliant knowledge, and philosophy. What was he thinking when he stepped on that divine vessel on that brisk Wednesday Morning?

  • A. I'm going to find a quicker route to the orient, and become a rich man.
  • B. Man, I can't grow a damn thing here in Europe, I'll just hop into my boat and sail to an undiscovered continent, and start silk tree farming!
  • C. I think the world is round, and therefore there is a direct route to the Orient, thus proving wrong those whom presume the world is flat.
  • D. My brother Bart Columbus and I are going to the New World to watch some Woodridge Bulldog "Awesome Football," screw the Orient!