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Qpawn is the oldest political sim on the net, it is currently looking for a new administrator

So now the official Qpawn is buried and now a forum with memories.
How did it come to this?

Qpawn started in 1998, with a group of nerds from a school that bulit up a game. They claim that at one stage, it had 300 players. The gam was very simple and was on a yellow forum. Countries did not even have militaries, The mods just tested the outcome.

When I joined, I joined as Ireland, I think I was there for two weeks when the admin of that time asked me to be the European mod. At that time each continent had an admin, so it was basically 5 games in one. I must have done good, as Europe was full up. I suppose it was also because European countries had a little budget and military, I think some also hated me, like when a Ukrainian player wanted to invade Russia and didn't tell me how I had him bomb some cattle. I was popular as a Euro Mod, not for my intelligence, but for the time and dedication I had.

Within a month, I was the administrator, I was given a game with veterans and new players. My first move was a bit innocent. I changed the yellow forum to another one. It caused hell! I was forced on a compromise, The next thing that got me in trouble was getting players out of superpowers that never did anything. They thought they had the right to stay there

After a few months, I logged in one day and there was a coup. In a way, I was relieved, as I never had a lot of self-confidence and thought this was for the best. However I spoke with the coup people and I forget how I did it, But I got control back. Angelfire would not give it to me as it was under the old admin game. The "peace treaty" was not accepted by the players, and Qpawn was split into two.

I continued struggling with the game, and after a bit, Amir (who was banned from Qpawn) and I started Politics UK. I think that game is still going. This lasted for two years until I was forced to take a break.
There are many rumours about this, from jail to being forced to stop. It was probably both. People considered me a pedo. Qpawn now entered an area of OOC attacks.

A year later, I came back, and there was no need for me on politic UK. They simply did not want me, so I started a new game, and after a few weeks was asked to start Qpawn up again, I did this and then Qpawn was started. Once again we have done well, and there was a good atmosphere. But I once again started Rule Britannia.

Rule Britannia went well, and after 5 years, I retired. There are also many rumours about this, but the truth is that Dale was God modding something, trying to push the players to do what he thought the right direction was. His arrogance and stubborness was too much for me. I did have second thoughts and just shut the forum down, But I reopened the forum once again.

Some common questions that I have been asked

Were you a good admin?
This is a hard question. What is a good administrator? My view was that I had to find the best people to run the game, and keep ego out of it. An admin is good if he has a good moderator team. I don't think I will be remembered for reality, and some players thought I was an idiot. I was even called Evil.
I don't think I will be remembered for being good, but rather dedicated where I didn't give up

What was the most embarrassing you ever done?
That is hard to say.
I think it's when I sent out an e-mail confirming a rumour about me. I was drunk at the time. Some believed it and some did not. My message was No comment, let's just forget it.

People say you led coups and so forth?
When I became administrator, a coup was led against me on Qpawn,
When I was at Rule Britannia, people asked me to coup an administrator. Of course, I believed them and done it. But the 6 people that asked me stayed quiet, so I withdrew with my tail between my legs
Later on Monica couped the game, so I recouped it and gave it back
some say I tried to coup a British sim, but I never did that

What actually happened with Monica?
Monica and I were good friends. I knew her and she knew me. However she did not like that I stood up to her coup and told people something about me, which was true. No one believed her and she was banned. Since then I have not spoken with her, although several have claimed they were her. I hope she writes to me on the email above

Which was more fun, Qpawn or Rule Britannia?
They were both fun.
They are different games.

Do you think Rule Britannia will survive?
No. From what I hear they are struggling despite Dale telling them activity has never been higher.
I think that it was wise to give the game to dale, although because of his ego, he was not the best choice.
But he is dedicated
and players like him
The problem with RB is that interactive games are on the scene now where people can RP quicker and not write a lot
Plus RB ends up being a repeat. How many times did they do the Falklands war?
In the long run, it will fail as the new players are no longer coming in, from what I hear.

What does Ian think about you?
Ian was one of the founders of Qpawn and he gave me the job. we no longer communicate.

Will you ever return to Qpawn or Rule Britannia?
No, I am extremely unpopular in both games now, and when there are rumours that I am rejoining, people tell me on FB or here or skype what they think of me
so I will just stay retired
If I do return, no one will know.

I lost your skype, and wish to talk with you
live: okeeffe

While other games such as Rule Britannia was born from Qpawn, Qpawn under no circumstances wishes to associate with them.