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Cycling Adventures in Colorado - 1996

Welcome to my online photo album.

Vacation Pictures of 1996 biking trip to Colorado

Here are some pictures of great tour I did the mountians of Colorado in 1996. This tour was an eight day solo tour from Colorado Springs to Leadville via Breckenridge and back via a three day downhill along the Arkansas River. I took this trip with a Trek 2120 with rear panniers for clothes and supplies. I stayed in motels and youth hostels as I could not carry the weight for camping gear on this bike. This is a taste of what is to come in 1999 where I plan to do an extended self-contained tour around the San Juan Mountains visiting places like Durango, Mesa Verde, Silverton, Ouray, Telluride to name a few. You might want to join me next year for tremendous scenery, sunny weather, no humidity, exhilarating mountain passes and great downhills.

last update 12/29/98

Colorado Map of eight day solo tour August 5, 1996 to August 12, 1996 370 miles 11,000' vertical climb. Woodland Park to Fairplay, Co; Fairplay to Breckenridge, Co; Breckenridge to Silverthorne, Co; Silverthone to Leadville, Co; Leadville to Salida, Co; Salida to Canon City, Co; Canon City to Colorado Springs, Co.

Downtown Colorado Springs and Pikes Pike viewed from Palmer Park

North Cheyenne Canyon Drive

Valley of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Co

On the route to South Park, looking back at Pikes Pike.

At Wilkerson Pass you can still see Pikes Pike in the distance

The top of Wilkerson Pass (9,507') after a long,long uphill pedal.

From Wilkerson Pass looking across South Park and the Colorado Rockies in the distance.

At Hartsel only 17 more miles of barren country to reach Fairplay at 10,000'.

A rare shade tree on this side of the barb wire and a chance to rest a cool off in the 100 degrees.

Route 76 a state bike route to Fairplay, Co.

Old Western town museum in Fairplay.

Gold trailings from the gold rush days north of Fairplay.

At Alma the road starts up the 4 mile climb to Hoosier Pass.

Near the top looking back at the road from Alma, Co.

Mountian view at one of the rest stops to the pass.

I made it to the top of Hoosier Pass, it wasn't so bad afterall.

A lone cyclist pedaling to the top of Hoosier Pass (notice he has no packs on his bike).

Breckenridge, Co.

Fireside Inn (AYH) where I stayed in Breckenridge.

Dillon Reservoir.

dirt trail to overlook view.

View of Dillon Reservior.

bicyclist using the dillon Reservoir bike trail which connects Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco and Silverthorne.

Took in some downhill mountain biking at Keystone Resort. Take the gondola up and ride down the service roads and ski trails.

Back on the bike path from Frisco to Copper Mountain.

After a long 7% grade for many miles one reaches the anticlimatic top of Fremont Pass.

Behind the only motel (building)in Kobe there's a great view of Mt Elbert Colorado's highest peak (14,433ft).

Early morning sun melted the frost.

Twin Lakes and the mountains beyond on rt 82 that goes to Aspen, Co.

Collegiate Peaks.

Collegiate Peaks west of Buena Vista.

Overlooking the Arkansas River somewhere between Coaldale and Parkdale.

Rafters on the Arkansas River.

Looking down 1,200 ft into Royal Gorge.