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The Monthly Bigfoot Report Newsletter

The Monthly Bigfoot Report is a newsletter dealing with Bigfoot type activities across North America as well as Internationaly, whenever that information is available.

I have created this page to let you know what the newsletter is all about. It is being created on Saturday December 19, 1998. (Artwork was added December 23'rd, 1998.)

The Monthly Bigfoot Report is available to subscribers in the United States at $10/1 year or $18/2 years. It is available Internationaly at $15/1 year or $25/2 years. Payment should be mailed to P.O. Box 205 Newcomerstown, Ohio, U.S.A. 43832-0205. Checks or money orders must be made payable to Don Keating. Upon receipt of your payment, the first issue of the newsletter in your subscription will be mailed to you. And now, for your reading pleasure, the December 1998 issue of the Monthly Bigfoot Report.

(Newcomerstown, Ohio)-----Greetings. I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday and here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas and happy new year. May the new year bring many answers and many new friends.

Marc DeWerth once asked me why there hadn't been many sightings in the recent past. I told him that Bigfoot sightings are like the weather; you never know what pattern will emerge next or how long it will last. For example, in the November issue of this publication we had three sightings from 1998 in Ohio. This month we have three sightings from Ohio but they are no newer than 1991. That's the way it goes in the Bigfoot phenomenon. We also have a report from the woodlands of Arkansas as well as a preview of the 11'th Annual Bigfoot Conference scheduled for March 6'th, 1999. On to the sightings from Ohio.

I received a letter from one of my Ohio newsletter subscribers. The letter was accompanied by a drawing the size of 8x11" (which I had reduced in size for inclusion in this newsletter). The letter reads....

Here is a drawing of Bigfoot that you may put in your monthly paper. The drawing is by Wendell B., my nephew. I saw a white albino Bigfoot back in 1974 of October. He was about 6 foot or more and 350 pounds. Redish pink eyes and white hair about two inches long, some of it was curly. It has hooked finger nails. They curl up under about 1". It's teeth on top and bottom were like fangs. It was eating a cow in a field. Thank you. Angie M. of Mowrystown, Ohio."

The description of the teeth would indicate teeth like canine teeth. This was reported quite often in the Rome, Ohio incidents of 1981. Below you see the drawing the witness' nephew drew upon her description, of which she sent me a copy for inclusion in the newsletter.

I was invited to speak to a group of young adults for the Ohio Farm Bureau in Mahoning County, Ohio towards the end of November. During the presentation a woman told me about an encounter she and a friend had at a location five miles due south of Canfield, Ohio. The report went like this....

"Me and a friend were riding ATV's down the old railroad tracks five miles south of Canfield. They had already removed the rails and nearly all of the railroad ties. We got to a point where about 75 to 125 yards away we spotted this thing that at first was on all fours. It was pitch black in color. At first we thought it was a bear. Then it got up on two legs and walked away but in a bit of a hunched position. We weren't quite sure what to make of it and to this day don't know if it was a bear walking away on two legs or something else, possibly Bigfoot".

That incident took place in July of 1984 or 1985. The lady appeared quite open and quite honest about her encounter. Of course, when she started telling her story in front of between 50 and 60 younger people, they started to snicker. But soon the snickers turned to looks of interest on their faces. I gave the lady a copy of my 1993 booklet The Buckeye Bigfoot in exchange for her report, AFTER she told me about the sighting.

Marc DeWerth recently investigated a sighting from the summer of 1991. Originally Ray Crowe of the Western Bigfoot Society received the call. However, seeing as how the sighting took place in Ohio, he suggested the witness call me and tell me her report. She did and then I requested DeWerth to go interview her and her son since he lived much closer. DeWerth e-mailed me the following questions and answers that were asked of the witnesses. Some information will be left out for obvious reasons.

Time of Year---Summer
Date and Time---July 1991 around 10:30 p.m.
Circumstances of which the sighting took place---Driving son home from friends house. Driving down Austin RD between SR 84 and Maple ST when a creature of unknown origin walked across the road from the right side to the left side as we drove in a southern direction down Austin road. The headlights on our car illuminated the individual from the shoulders down to the feet. Both witnesses reacted in silence, not believing what they saw.
By whom and their age---Catherine D. age 41 and son Chris D. age 18 (at the time of the sighting).
Describe the creature---Very big and bulky even for a side profile. Did not see the head because the headlights were too low. Could see the right arm swinging as it walked. Crossed road in 2 steps. Upright at all times. (Took the investigator 9 steps to cross the road).
Height---Really tall. At least 7 to 8 feet.
Color---Catherine said dark. Chris said brown.
How far were you from it---150' or less by estimate.

As I said Marc DeWerth investigated this incident for me and took many pictures. However, at this time, I do not have any of those photos to publish. I'll make an attempt to do so next month.

Mr. Cliff Crook of Bothell, Washington forwarded the following report to me via e-mail.

"Hello. My name is Chance D. and I live in Arkansas. I continually hear about sightings in the extreme northern parts of the United States such as Washington and Oregon. While I'm sure those sightings aren't all false, I think they should pay more attention to the other areas that have sightings. I'm sure you know about the "Legend of Boggy Creek" in southern Arkansas. Well, I'm just about convinced that this is not any mere legend. I don't want to sound like some fanatic on finding strange and falsified animals, but I have to say that I did have an encounter right here where I live in a small southern town right next to Russellville called Dardanelle. I live outside of the city and I have 22 acres here. A few years ago during the summer I was taking a walk through my woods out behind my house. I usually took walks through there on days that weren't quite so hot. Anyways I was following a trail that was made a long time ago by four wheelers and I was about to the top of a small hill when I heard something that was, I guess walking. I topped the hill and looked through the trees and there was an upright creature standing there. I'm guessing it heard me topping the hill although I was tryng to be quiet, and when it saw me it turned and ran through the woods. This animal wasn't very tall, probably 5'-5" or 6' and was black in color.

I only hope more people will become aware that there are more sighting areas of the Bigfoot in areas of the U.S. that aren't so far north. Signed Chance D."


And finally, three speakers have confirmed for the 11'th Annual Bigfoot Conference to be held in Newcomerstown, Ohio on March 6'th, 1999. One speaker wishes to remain anonymous at this time. The second speaker is Mr. Daniel Perez from the Center for Bigfoot Studies in Norwalk, CA.

The third speaker will be the one, the only, Mr. Legend of Boggy Creek himself, Mr. J.E. "Smokey" Crabtree. Smokey will bring with him copies of his book "Smokey and the Fouke Monster" and sign them if you so wish. He'll also bring along with him many stories of the Fouke monster. We are looking forward to meeting this living legend and hope many of you make the trip to see him IN PERSON.

Mr. Loren Coleman of Portland, Maine has joined in to become one of our main speakers at the Conference as well. He will have a slide presentation and will speak about his two books which will be available in the spring and summer of 1999. We look forward to his presentation greatly!

Additional Conference details can be obtained on the internet at Be sure to click on to the Directions link for additional photos from the 10'th Annual Bigfoot Conference. And as I sit here writing, I guess there IS something else to announce!!

During the first weekend of October 1998 John Horrigan and I produced a new video documentary titled "Sasquatch...The Evidence Mounts". It is a 40 minute film documentary which deals with recent sightings and activities in Ohio. Richard J. LaMonica is featured as is Richard Myers and Marc DeWerth. The tape is now available at the cost of $22.50 including postage. Make check or money order out to Don Keating and send to the address on the front of the newsletter. Til January of 1999 best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

ABOVE....You see a drawing Mr. Rob Butler of Milwaukie, Oregon sent to me for the newsletter.

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