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Sasquatch Lake... The White Bigfoot Video

This image is from the original film shot on August 2'nd, 1992 in west central Coshocton county, Ohio (U.S.A.) The object in question is the white or light colored individual in the bottom center portion of the picture. To this day, NO ONE has been able to prove what is positively in the film. This image is (copyrighted) Don Keating and the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center, Newcomersown, Ohio.

Not since the October 20'th, 1967 filming of a bipedal creature in northern California, has another film surfaced and stood on its own. Not until now. Don Keating of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center in Newcomerstown, Ohio, accidently captured the image of a light or white colored bipedal creature of some sort, in Coshocton county, Ohio on August 2'nd, 1992.

Keating was by himself on this warm Sunday afteroon taking what he called 'b roll' footage of what is now known as Sasquatch Lake. Unhappy with the angle of which he was shooting, he decided to reposition himself for a better angle of the lake. As he walked briefly to the south with his camcorder on his shoulder facing the west, and as he momentarily stopped to turn around, it was then that it happened. The creature or "individual" (Keating's prefered term) walked hurridly down a gravel road. Keating had no knowledge of what he had captured on film for 17 1/2 months.

After hours of field work on the film and on the tape at home, Keating came to the following conclusions....

1... It covers 28' in four steps;
2... It covers the 28' in less than two seconds;
3... The individual was about 292 feet from the camera on the far side of the gravel road;
4... From several field tests with several different researchers, it has been determined the individual is between nine and 10 feet tall and...
5... NO ONE to this day has been able to prove the video contains something other than an "unknown creature".

Keating has produced what he calls "the final video documentary" dealing with this one of a kind film. It is being made available to the general public for the modest price of $18.50. In the film you will see video of the now famous "Sasquatch Lake" as well as a good look at what Ohio's topography is like and you will see Don Keating and Daniel Perez from the Center for Bigfoot Studies measuring several different spots at the 'film site' step by step. You'll also see an experiment conducted on April 9'th, 2000 with many attendees of the Annual Bigfoot Conference, to see if the feat in the original video could be duplicated. And finally, you will see several different outtakes of the original film taken on August 2'nd, 1992.

I thank you for your time and take care. Any questions or comments may be addressed either by signing the guest book below or e-mailing Keating at the address below.


By Richard J. LaMonica, Akron, Ohio
It is said, the majority of the most fascinating and truly great, discoveries, are done by amateurs, and more often than not, by accident. Don Keating's film, of an alleged "White Bigfoot" would fit neatly into this category. On the eventful day of August 2nd, 1992, the world 's cryptozoologists came one step closer to solving the elusive puzzle of this unknown phenomenon. For those who possess an adventurous spirit, Don Keating invites you along for an exciting ride into the realm of Sasquatch Lake: The White Bigfoot Video. You will go on a non stop adventure into the backwoods of Coshocton county, Ohio. You will witness the video of this "White" creature as no one else has before. In addition, you will see how this film "measures" up, to other alleged filmings of this elusive creature. Joining Don are The Center For Bigfoot Studies Chairman Daniel Perez, Peggy Tillman, and sister Veronica Burchette, both well known anomaly researchers. If you think Ohio cannot support this type of creature, then viewing this film may change your mind.

Accidents do happen, and sometimes they re-write history as we know it. Don't miss out on an important discovery, one which may very well turn the anthropological / science world upside down. Sasquatch Lake: The White Bigfoot Video... It's STILL out there!

Paolo S. from Italy has this to say about Sasquatch Lake... The White Bigfoot Video
"The video cassette "Sasquatch Lake...The White Bigfoot Video" is very interesting, it's very fine from the artistic point of view owing to the beautiful images it holds and the enclosure is first-rate. The shot showing the white being is very interesting and struck me a lot and certainly, owing to the survey you carried out at the sighting place, it can arouse to the observer a big interest in the Sasquatch."

This is Don Keating shooting the opening scene for his new documentary "Sasquatch Lake... The White Bigfoot Video". In the background is the now famous "Sasquatch Lake".


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