the crocketts

davey crockett - vocals & guitar
dan boon - guitar
rich turpin - bass
owen cash - drums

the crocketts' sound is best likened to a gentle stroll through a park on a warm summer's day. sort of. um.

from ireland, wales, the west country and the south comes a band whose live perfomances are no less than terrifying. especially if you don't know what to expect. a cross between shane mcgowan and, er, something very loud, the crocketts are currently taking over the live scene with their blinding and really rather mental performances. they are not like anything you have ever heard before and the beauty of the crocketts is that this will either make you adore them or give you chronic indigestion. songs such as ‘stunner’, ‘will you still care’ and ‘tennessee’ just make you have to dance until you can't help but get all dizzy and collapse in a lovely heap. but that’s okay because along comes the heart wrenching tale of the ‘bluster boy’—to slow things down a tad and make you marvel once more. and yes you really do have to concentrate on the crocketts because you never really know what they’re going to come up with next. from trashing their guitars to painting themselves green and having giant snowmen on stage which, er, conveniently crush ohsojoyfuljournalists…’s never a good idea to stand at the front of crocketts gigs.

live pics

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