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Bell's Page

Our Family

My Favorite Links

Sam (our oldest son) page.
Greg (our middle son) Page
Joe (our youngest son) page.
The CBers Recipe Club... need a good recipe look here.
The Chatterboard. I know, I know, My second home away from home
One of my good friends.. Donna
Another great friend...Jodi.
My lil sis (not really) page...Lissa
Merilyn's Book Chatter Page.. really great
René is a fantastic friend with a fantastic site!
our Angelic Sara with a very Angelic page!
Stephani home page.. really great! super great!

Join It really works! I get paychecks all the time.
My boys! Sam, Greg, and Joe!

This is an older picture of my boys...
Our wedding... Sept. 3 1988.
This is the love of my life! Here is my soulmate and my best friend. My Andy.
Ok you got me, here I am. I am a wee bit younger, but hey, doesn't everyone look great on their wedding day! LOL!
Our big Puppy Maxer! Max really isn't a puppy, he is going on 12 years old and feeling every bit of it. But He is one of our family. And as cute as can be.. all 100 pounds of him!
Thor is a good boy! He has to be part cat because he really knows how to hunt! Although in the common sense dept. he reminds me of a door instead of a thor. LOL! But he is loving and loyal. And very protective.. Just ask the trees outside. LOL!
One last look at our family... This is a current picture. Taken around May of 1999.
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