Enter Sailor Nature
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Enter Sailor Nature

The day had started normally for Serena, but it also seemed different at the time. She couldn't explain it. The major difference she noticed was that the Negaverse was inactive, but that did not bother her at all.

"Hey, Luna," Serena said. "Does anything seem different to you? Anything at all?" Luna was completely unaware that Serena, of all people, would notice.

"Why, yes. There IS something different. I have a different food bowl. Thank you for noticing."

"Luna, I didn't mean that. I mean, like something strange is going on."

"Oh," said Luna. "Well, let me see. You have been awake for fifteen minutes straight. You have not wailed, klutzed out, or even complained about not seeing Darien yesterday. Other than that, I can't help you."

"Stop it, Luna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am being SERIOUS!!"

"Sorry," said Luna. Serena was starting to shake, due to the fact it was freezing outside, and the heater wasn't even turned on. "Wait! I know what it is! This is July, right?"


"Well, shouldn't we be hot? Instead, we're freezing!" Serena looked out her window. What she saw shocked her.

"Luuuunaaaaaa. You had better look at this!"

"What is it?" Luna looked out the window. "Oh my goodness!" There was snow every where. It was about two inches deep. The sun was behind a VERY LARGE gray cloud.

"What is going on, Luna?" Serena started to wail.

"Oohh. Some things never change," Luna said to herself. "I suggest we go to Raye's temple. Call the other scouts immediately." Serena did so, and ran off to the temple. When she got there, all of them was there. All of them, except Amy.

"Hey, Serena," Mina said. "What's going on with this weather?"

"That's Mercury's job. Speaking of which, where is she? She was the first one I called."

"I don't know. I'm starting to get worried. She's usually the first one here." Just then, Raye got a call on her communicater. The call came from Amy.

"Raye," Amy said. "Come to the Crown Game Center. There i..ome...yo.... otta s..."

"What? Amy, come in! Amy, do you read me?" Raye turned to the other scouts. They all nodded, and then transformed. They ran to the Crown Game Center. When they got there, they saw Sailor Mercury fighting someone. This person was in a Sailor Scout uniform. It was red on top, blue on the skirt, black on the boots, and her tiara was green.

"At last, I finally get to meet the Sailor Scouts. Let me introduce myself. I am Sailor Nature, your worst nightmare. I work for the Negaverse, so I will stop at nothing to see your destuction." Raye wasn't going to listen to any more of Sailor Nature's talk.

"Mars....Fire.....Ignite!" The fireball slammed into Sailor Nature, who did not even budge.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You are such fools!" Sailor Nature threw back the fireball, and hit Mars with all of it's force.

"Noooooooooo!!!" Sailor Moon ran to her side. "Sailor Mars, are you all right?"

"I will be. Just promise me something."

"Anything," Sailor Moon said.

"Promise me that, if I don't make it--"

"Don't talk like that! I'll get you to a hospital." She turned to the other scouts. "Hey, guys! Help me get Mars to a hospital." They went to help Mars, and left. Sailor Nature just watched them.

Later that day.....

Serena was pacing back and forth. She was worried that Mars would be disabled, or worse. Everyone was upset, but they only had a few minutes longer to wait. Then the doctor would come out, and say everything was going to be OK. Wouldn't he?

When the doctor came out, his face was very grim. "I'm sorry," he said. "Maybe if we had gotten her sooner, we could have done something for her. The only thing that can save her now is a miracle. You may see her if you want. It will probably be your last chance." He walked away. The girls went in to see Raye.

"Hi, Raye," Serena said. "How are ya feelin'?"

"Fine, for someone who's just been burned." Raye let a smile appear on her face. "Could the rest of you wait outside? I'd like to talk to Serena alone." The others simply nodded, and left. "Serena, I know I've been on your case a lot in the past, and I just wanna say I'm sorry." Serena held Raye's hand.

"Apology accepted in advance," Serena said.

"And...I just want you to know, I've always liked you. And I always will." Raye closed her eyes for the last time. Serena wept silently at her side.

"Don't worry, Mars. I will avenge your death."

To be continued...

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