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NASCAR and Country!!!

Terri Clark!
One of the best country female vocalists!
Terri Clark has been called the female hat act of country. And with good reason. Terri's trademark T-shirt, jeans, boots, and hat have made her stand out as a great singer and entertainer. She wins her audience the minute she steps onto the stage. When she debut in 1995 she was the first country singer that ever caught my ears, so to speek. I was hooked.

Dale Earnhardt is my favorite driver on the NASCAR Winston Cup circut. He is tied with King Richard for the most Winston Cup Chapionships at 7. This year he finally won the famed Daytona 500. No one was h=more deserving than Dale. He has an awesome driving style that his son has taken into the Busch series. Dale Sr. drives for Richard Childress Racicing. It is the black #3 Goodwrench Plus Chevy Monte Carlo. His team mate is Mike Skinner of the Lowes car.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. drives the #3 AC Delco Monte Carlo owned by his father. Dale Jr. is carrying on a tradition set by his father. It is said that he may be joining his father in the Winston Cup Circut and eventually take over for Dale Sr. Although Dale Sr. says he will not make any plans to retire till the year 2000.

A bit about me.
My name is Kim Shroyer. I am 18 and an avid NASCAR and country music fan. I am getting ready to start college in the fall at Ashland University in Ashland Ohio. I live in Massillon and hate it. My boyfriends name is Kris Waechter ( He has made me so happy.( which I hear is pretty hard to do.) He is attending Bowling Green State University. This will be his second year. My best friends are Kim Foraker ( and Jen Dehnke ( I love the outdoors and hate the city. I also listen to techno and classic rock. I love to dance and hate sitting still. Thanks. Oh yeah I HATE JEFF GORDON!!!!!!!

More soon. Lots more. I just started the page so give me some time and I will make it a heck of a lot better.

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