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Mike & Carrie Domain

Mike & Carrie

" Our souls, they will seek eachother out. " ~Lor

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Over the past two years Mike Horton and Carrie Brady have been one of the most romantic star-crossed lovers in all of the history of Daytime television, IMO.

They are friends - best friends. Mike fell in love with Carrie first-but the feelings weren't mutual because she was in love with Austin. Or, so it seemed. As time progressed, Carrie started to fall for Mike except that she had a ring on finger. She was married to Austin.

And this my friends, was the beginning of one of 1998's best triangles. They've kissed twice- once on the Fourth of July and the second in the rain. They've both totally denied anything "romantic" going on between them, but we all know that sooner or later they have to give into their eternal love to eachother- all in sweet time.

Wherever Mike & Carrie go, whoever they will end up with, does not matter. What only matters is the bond they share. A bond that will always tie them together. And a love, that will last forever.

" Your heart is the only possession I live for. To feel your touch, to see your smile. I want nothing but you, I see nothing but LOVE. When I picture you, I see myself by your side....always." ~ Unknown

Mike & Carrie

Pictures Courtesy of the The Mike & Carrie Fan Page

Roark Critchlow Christie Clark
Roark Critchlow and Christie Clark
portray Mike Horton and Carrie Brady-Reed.

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Mike and Carrie Forever Austin & Sami Forever
Mike & Carrie and Austin & Sami...
Together Forever.

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