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Vampir Records

Vampir was created to put out some of my better live radio broadcasts. The following are a list of recordings available on Vampir,and Vampir/Subterranean:

The Lewd "Lewd Conduct In A Public Place!" Live at the Mabuhay,March 1,1980

This is the first release on Vampir,catalog number VA-01.

     Side One                   Side Two
1.-Public Execution          1.-Trash Can Baby
2.-Lewc Conduct              2.-M-17
3.-Catastrophe               3.-Walter's Lips
4.-Climate Of Fear           4.-Kill Yourself
5.-Boss Hoss                 5.-Love For Hate
6.-Bang Bang                 6.-I'm Not Pretty

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This first release on Vampir was limited to only 500 copies (400 black & 100 RED vinyl!). This is sure to become an immediate collectors item !

If you want to try to buy this LIMITED LP, you might try to contact GET- HIP and ask if they still have any copies,**** , or , BOMP at :

There is a second pressing in conjunction with Subterranean Records.The second pressing is considerably different from the first pressing.It features actual art work from Sats, Liner notes by Dirk B.G. Dirksen , it is pressed on AUDIOPHILE QUALITY 220 GRAM VINYL !! and it includes 3 BONUS studio tracks that the Lewd recorded for the Subterranean 7" double ep, "SF Underground " sessions, they are Mobile Home , from the ep , and Dressed In Black , and, ( Go To Hell In ) Hollywood ( PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED )


    The Lewd "Lewd Conduct In a Public Place !" Live at the Mabuhay , March 1,1980"

Catalog #SUB 77 / VA-01 If you can't find this record at your favorite record shop , you can purchase it through Subterranean mail order :

         Side One                     Side Two
1.-Public Execution          1.-M-17
2.-Lewd Conduct              2.-Walter's Lips
3.-Catastrophe               3.-Kill Yourself
4.-Climate Of Fear           4.-Love For Hate
5.Boss Hoss                  5.-I'm Not Pretty 
6.-Bang Bang                 6.- ( go to hell in )Hollywood
7.-Trash Can Baby            7.-Dressed In Black
                             8.-Mobile Home

The lineup on this features Sats on vocals,Bob on Guitar & vocals,Olga on Bass & vocals, and Alex Flex on drums.


Offs "Live at the Mabuhay"

Offs "Live At The Mabuhay , NOV 7 1980 " in san francisco california as it was.....when it began

Catalog # VA-02-2

1.- Dirk Dirksen intro    2.- Think    3.-100 Dollar Limosine
4.- Die Babylon    5.- My World    6.- Everyone's A Bigot
7.- A Million To One    8.- Black Sun    9.- Pusher
10.- Funk It Honey    11.- You Fascinate Me    12.- One More Shot
13.- Why Boy    14.- Why Boy Judgement Day Dub    15.- I Got The Handle
16.- Johnny Too Bad    17.- Sweet Jane    18.- Heroin
19.- 624803    20.- Dirk Dirksen outro

Available only on CD , this live show features the best versions of all of the shows that I recorded for the "Fab Mab Live" radio broadcasts. If you can't find this CD at your favorite record shop , you can purchase it through these distributors

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Updated: 03/08/05
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