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Lesbians Organising Together (LOT)was established in 1991 as an alliance of lesbian groups and individuals to enable lesbians, bisexual women and women exploring their sexuality to participate as full and equal members of society by supporting, empowering and facilitating them to achieve this end. 

The organisation's objectives at that time were: 

  • To provide a positive lesbian identity. 
  • To facilitate and support individual lesbians and lesbian groups who organise around issues, services and supports. 
  • To strive to meet the needs of lesbians which were not being met. 
  • To network and form alliances with groups and organisations who supported LOTs aims. 

Between 1991 and 1995 LOT realised significant growth in both the level of service provision and the size of the organisation, evidenced by the establishment of a drop-in centre in Capel Street. The organisation secured core funding from the Department of Social Welfare are, instituted new management structures and took on a FAS Community Employment (CE.) scheme. 

The organisation in 1996/97 experienced serious internal difficulties relating to roles and responsibilities and the general direction of the organisation. In early 1997, following the A.G.M., a new management team was formed. 

Its work was to: 

  • Continue to manage the CE. scheme; 
  • Develop a workplan for the organisation for the next three years; 
  • Recommend appropriate structures for the organisation. 

The management team was given autonomy to complete its task and to report back to the A.G.M. in 1998. The management team is focusing on developing the organisation around the following aims and is seeking funding to accomplish this development: 

LOT is a Dublin-based, not-for-profit Lesbian organisation. LOT's vision and purpose is to actively promote and support lesbian and bisexual women's visibility and active participation in all aspects of Irish society. LOT's mission is to provide direct front-line services for women, development support for lesbian activism and effectively influence decision-making processes locally and nationally in relation to equality and law reform. 

Internal Program

Aim 1 Management 

LOT aims to develop an appropriate and developmental management structure. In developing this management structure, LOT aims to build a structure, which is suitable to the organisation, is open and transparent and works in an inclusive and empowering way. 

Aim 2 Staffing

LOT aims to build a strong staff base for the organisation, comprising a full-time development worker, CE workers and a complement of volunteers. In building this staff team, LOT aims to develop a model of good employment practice. 

Aim 3 Development Work

LOT aims to undertake lesbian community development work for the purposes of establishing positive relationships between LOT and it constituency and to facilitate the growth and development of the lesbian community at large. 

LOT will do this through: 

  • Carrying out a needs assessment of its constituency;
  • Provision of appropriate training for groups within its constituency; 
  • Provision of practical and technical assistance to its constituents; 
  • Networking with its constituents to share and exchange information. 

Aim 4 Resource Base

LOT aims to continue to develop a resource base for lesbian/bisexual women in the greater Dublin area. In providing this base, LOT aims to: 

  • Develop information, referrals and advice services; 
  • Provide open and friendly meeting space for groups to meet; 
  • Provide a base where groups can avail of practical support to carry out their work more effectively. 

Aim 5 Policy Development

LOT aims to engage in policy development for the purposes of promoting lesbian issues and influencing formation of policy that affects lesbians at local,national and international level. 

Aim 6 Resource Centre

LOT continues to operate its Dublin Resource Centre and drop-in, which houses a library and archives material. The centre provides women with information on and support for lesbian events, accommodation, other groups and opportunity for a chat.

LOT 5 Capel Street, Dublin 1. Tel: 8727770 

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