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Andover Volunteer Fire Department Cadets

Andover Firefighting Cadets

This page is about Firefighting cadets explorer post 2042. This program is part of Boyscouts of America. We get teenagers from our town between the ages of 15 and 21 to be a member of our fire dept. Our fire department is called Andover Volunteer Fire Department. Our business meetings are the first Monday of every month. We also have work nights on Tuesday.

Our Volunteer Fire Department has about 6 cadets. As cadets we do the same thing that the firefighters do, like go on fire calls. do traing with the fire deptment. Fire Department communication. Portable extinguishers. We also do smoke training where we put on the SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)and simulate the conditions of a working fire and do search and rescue. We also do personal pertective equipment where we put on the fire helment, protective hoods, protective coats, trousers and foot protection we exercise with all of this protective equiment on to keep fit and trim. we also do fire hoses. This is where we learn how to drag, throw and hold the hose the right way. After we have done that we learn how to roll the hose in different ways like how do do a straight roll and a donut roll. As you can see we do a lot of things as cadets The only thing our cadets don't do is go on EMS calls and car accidents, and also we don't go close to structure fires. Cadets can go on structure fire but are limited to certain tasks. We also fill tanks for the SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)when we are on scene of any structure when the firemen use the SCBA. All of our new Juniors are on a 6 month probation. After 1 month they will get their equipment. The members of the cadets are Andy Hollis, Bubby Farmer, Charles Vickery, Jimmy Warren, Tom French and the newest cadet is Mike Vitale.
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The trucks in our fire department are 117 Heavy Resue this truck contans the equipment for vehicle extrication, 107 is a fire van, mostly cadets go on that truck for structure fires this truck contans the fill station is for our SCBA and extra bottles for the SCBA. 105 it's a 1997 lance arrow it's holds 1000 gallons This trucks is our first out truck and can hold 6 fire fighters and that includes the driver and the engineer. This truck has an enclosed cab where the pump controls are at. 115 This is our second out truck is used for mutual aid for other fire departmens.We also have two John Deere 6X4's that are our grass fire units. We hope to get more and better pictures of the trucks

There is more to come!!!!!!

our fire frequency is 154.130 our call sign is kgr272 if you can pick up Northeast ohio you could hear our fire station when we get called out on your scanner.

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