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Jim's Beer Cans

My interests are Chevrolet Nova's and Impala's (cars and parts) Schwinn Stingray bicycles and of course older beer cans. Been busy on my Schwinn site and Steve's Nova site so really haven't had much free time. Also, Bought a 1988 IROC Camaro. Nothing to fancy but an odd Orange Metallic color.

Collector of grade1 or better cone tops and flat tops. Looking for pre-1960 era cans and very few pull tabs. Always buying singles or small collections of older cans. I'm just interested in getting a few of the nicer cans and duplicates to use as traders. It's still a hobby of mine and not a business but now its way out of hand......... Also buying some beer advertisements, bottles, labels, soda cone tops, trays etc. Last updated 01/07.

What I have in Columbus Ohio stuff always in need of an upgrade.

Looking for a nice Black Forest cone from Cleveland Ohio and a Noch Eins "J"s from Columbus Ohio, in any color. Had them as a kid but sold them to buy my first car!! Just an update since these pics were taken. Upgraded a nice white Gam cone top and a yellow Noch Eins. THANKS to fellow collectors!!


Haven't figured it out to change it. Started again with the counters was up to around 12k but decided to start over with new info and pics.

Older Beer Cans Wanted

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