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JEFFERY ALLEN CROPPER - ( Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer )

Merle Haggard's Guitar Signed in 2000

Johnny Paycheck And Merle Haggard in Chillicothe, (C.C.I.) Ohio Prison back in 1989.

None other than Jeffery Allen Cropper himself

The Owner And Boss of American Outlaw Country Music & Online Streaming Audio Entertainment at The Outlaws Point !!! ( )

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Given Name: Jeffery Allen Cropper

Date of Birth: 01-27-73

Where Born: Washington C.H., Ohio

Nicknames: JAC, Howie & Crop.

Favorite Foods: Hot wings, Pizza with mushrooms with Hot sauce & Tacos too.

Favorite TV Shows: The Dukes of Hazzard, My Name Is Earl, Titus, That 70's Show, King Of The Hill, The Fall Guy, The Late Show with Jay Leno, David Letterman, The FBI Files & Crime Show Investigation Shows,

Favorite Movies: The Shaw-shank Redemption, Stand by Me, The Sure Thing, Young Guns, The Thing Called Love, Black Sheep, Tommy Boy & American History X, Joe Dirt, Gang Related, With Honors.

Favorite Actors: Chris Farley, John Cusack, Denver Pile = ( Uncle Jesse ), Jason Lee = ( Earl ), Ethan Suplee, Jamie Pressly, Edward Norton, Stacy Keach, Christopher Titus.

Favorite Actresses: Sandra Bullock, Catherine Back

Favorite NFL team: ( Cincinnati Bengals & The Dallas Cowboys ).

Favorite NCAA team: The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Favorite Things to Do: I like to do a little Camping & fishing, I like to watch Nascar & football games on Sunday. I love to D.J. on my own REAL AMERICAN OUTLAW Country music ONLINE radio station called ( THE OUTLAWS POINT ).

Favorite Songs: ( Long White Line - Sturgill Simpson ), ( The Fighting Side Of Me - Merle Haggard ), ( The Lovin' Machine - Cody McCarver & Johnny Paycheck )

Advice to someone: Never give up on a dream you have, even if you piss some people off. What is more important, 'your happiness forever', or someone else's happiness for a while? ( Don't get into drinking & drugs, If you can learn anything from someone else, Learn from someone else's down fall. " Cause it just might save or cost you, your Life".


Jeffery Allen Cropper grew up in the foot hills of the Appalachian mountains to emerge as just one of many Hardcore Honky-Tonk singing stylist to go to Nashville an try for a career in country music. Millions have never ever heard his voice. Although those who have, have compared him to some of the most popular Honky-Tonk singing OUTLAW LEGENDS in Nashville Or Texas from the past and the few left today.

Jeff had took an interest in country music since the day he was born. Mainly because of his parents (Gary & Joyce) who had a very large collection of country records. Especially those of Johnny PayCheck, George Jones, Waylon Jennings & Merle Haggard, Bobby Bare & Tom T. Hall just to name a few. For the little town of Greenfield, Ohio was the area in which some of his heroes had the reputation of hanging in, and with him earlier in their careers.

In Jeff's earlier years, he didn't sing in public much. It was not till his senior year of high school that he got out on stage in front of a sold-out audience at a show choir performance at the Edward Lee McClain High School. Jeff was the only singer to sing a country music solo song that day. He got a standing ovation.

'I owe all that to ( Mr. Dale Knauer ) my show choir teacher'. If it wasn't for him kickin' me in the ass to get me up on that stage, I wouldn't have gave it a second thought, Thank you 'Mr. Knauer' ( I MISS YOU ) You were a great teacher and mentor.

What people didn't really know or see about Jeff. Was that Jeff was suffering from depression along with drug and alcohol abuse at a really tender age. As only his close friends knew. Jeff took to the bottle in hopes that it would kill the broken heart & relationship problems he was having with some of his x-girlfriends, or problems with the law & some other personal issues he was having at that time.

Jeff has since recovered and is doing good now

Jeffery Allen Cropper songs tell a true story of wrong doing & redemption. He writes from a broken heart and a deeply troubled soul from the depths of alcohol and drug abuse. A person who is turned on to alcohol & drugs for a crutch. Although some songs of his have a much more powerful punch to everyday life. From a guy that is so tired of trying to please everyone else in his life. That he gives up on self control & then dips into the dangers of ( DRUGS ) to help him make it through the hard times. Crop is just A Guy who has lived to the songs he sings. Determined to destroy his life by taking the action of alcohol & cocaine ( 1 drink & a line at a time ).

Jeff once said 'I've been a bad boy, and there is no secret about that. There has been a lot of things being said about me that is so far from the truth & so not true. ' I just want to tell my side of the story for once'.

Everyone else gets their turn to talk about me and form an opinion about me, without even knowing who the fuck I really am.

'I'm so God damn tired of trying to please everyone else in my life, I been trying to make everyone else happy, that I've lost track of who I really am & what my goals are in life. I know there is a lot of people out there that have felt the same way I do one time or another".

'It is the people who think they know you better than you know yourself that get's me so pissed off'. Because they don't know a damn thing about me, except what they've heard from someone else's cock sucker!!!

I know I've had a problem with some things, I say and do what the fuck I want

There is no secret about that either. I am only a human being, I make mistakes, so do the people who are reading this little segment you are writing about me. If you want to judge me or someone else for that matter.

You better '( STOP )' right now, go look in that fuckin' mirror, and tell me what you see. You're far from perfect yourself!!!.

So don't you begin to open your cock sucker to me and try to tell me about my kinda lifestyle & what is right or wrong". 'I know what life is all about, I have paid my dues & then some'. I live the truth every single day".


Jeffery once said to me that ( loneliness is a lesson learned, when you choose to be lonely by choice ).

I really never knew what he meant by that till I later found out about his life choices.

CMT Country Music singer songwriter and childhood baseball team mate Brad Martin ( Before I knew Better ) meet up behind the scenes at a Country Music show in Greenfield, Ohio one year.

Brad's song Peaked at #15 for 29 weeks in August of 2002.

Another one of Brad Martin's songs 'One Of Those Days' Peaked at #50 on 5.10.2003

Jeff had a ton of friends, but only liked a handful of them from his hometown of Greenfield, Ohio back in his drinking, cussing, druggin' & other wise, "WILD" outrageous days of behavior. He chose to run wild & free and wide open even when his girlfriends & friends tried to help him.

I was usually tore up from the floor up & wasted somewhere out on the road. I was just out & about rambling around, from town to town ( show to show, door to door, pillow to post ). Just trying to find myself. While everyone else was out trying to find me).

I did a lot of wild & funny crazy things so my friends tell me. They tell me I had some real good times. I'm sorry now 'Mainly because I can't remember none of it.

Jeff's choice was to hang around rowdy people who could put up with his stupid outrageous behavior along with his some times sorrow times. Also added fuel to the fire.

I liked to party all the time, 24-7 if I could. I often found myself down & out with nobody to talk to and by myself, I was really my own best friend back then. I think that is why I chose to do the things I did. I think back on them days & I have a hard time remembering things about those days. *( I know even tho I had a girlfriend that loved me 'I THINK' ). I still had something missing in me, I didn't know what it was, or where I could find it or really if it ever existed. All I knew was that I had to find it somewhere and somehow fast.

Or I was going to kill myself by living the way I was living)*.

I guess that is why I took to singing & country music, It had a way of giving me a release and escape from all that pressure in my life I was dealing with. It also gave me a fore sight & a hobby to keep my mind busy.

Jeffery Allen Cropper songs have a much different approach to today's everyday problems.

"Hell man, If you can't sing a song about the truth, what's the purpose of writing a damn song in the first place".

"I know I ain't as famous as some people. I really don't try or care to be. I know my songs won't be played on today's FM radio stations. Mainly because I don't listen to their Gay pandering cock sucking queer agenda radio stations in the first place. That don't bother me either. ( I GOT GOOD FRIENDS THAT PLAY MY TUNES AT PARTIES. ( And they have a blast and laugh and crack up over my music. That is a good feeling to have. That's what makes me keep going. I know when the truth is killing someone. I've seen it, I've lived it. Still to this day I feel & see the effects of the truth. You can't hide from the truth 'man, it'll find you."

" I see a lot of my good friends wasted from the things they take & drink. I been there too. It's A hard cycle to break away from an do a complete 360' degree turn around in your life. Then just say 'Hey I quit', It's hard" and almost damn near impossible to accomplish. But I have done it And Am Drug And Alcohol Free to this day.

Tho Jeff has had his up & downs with Love, Music & the Law, It was never to serious that he spent anytime in prison. " I always got myself in trouble, I didn't need anyone's help with that. " I just liked to drink and I didn't care if I was under the legal age or not". " It was always the law that said I couldn't". " I've paid my dues, and then some". Who says the law is right any how.

I use to say that I ain't hurtin' anybody but myself, ( which is a stupid statement to make ) Because in reality you do more than that.

( You hurt the ones that really love you ).

Like your parents, your family, your friends. The people who really do care about you.

Back On April 4th. of 1994,

Jeff was in a very serious car accident that nearly took his life, ( Jeff was a passenger in that car). It was at that point, Jeff was warned by his doctors to quit drinking. 'I knew I had a problem with alcohol, and I wouldn't face the fact that I had a problem, I always passed that notion aside. I kept telling myself everybody else has the problem thinking I have a problem.


I do not say this proudly, or do I want to see anyone else go through this in their life. 'I have been on the Life Flight medical helicopter air-craft a total of 5 times in my life. That is not a fun thing to go through. If you like having a chest tube and a stomach tube that they stick up the nostril's of your nose, down the back of your throat to get to your stomach. ( SO THEY CAN FEED YOU ) so you don't starve to death. Countless IV's and getting fed through them also. Nothing screams biscuits & gravy better than getting it through a straw and a IV machine.

Drinking & driving is a very dangerous thing to do. It's not smart & I understand some people got to do it. I know people will disagree with me on this. But how in the hell are we supposed to get our car home from the bar when none of your friends are around or there is a cab to call.

I live in southern rural Ohio, We don't have cabs here in the country, or even the money to pay for one if we did have em' to take us home. ' NOT TO MENTION THE DAMN HIGH PRICE OF GAS FOR OUR OWN VEHICLE).

But The Ole Crop. turned a negative into a positive. " I knew I better get my life back on the right track right away or I wouldn't live to see my son grow up or have anything to do with me or worth mentioning".

I been in 7 car wrecks, Five with other people drinking & driving, I wrecked a motorcycle in 1999 that put me on the Flight to the capital of Ohio, COLUMBUS for the 4th. time. Now you tell me If I ain't lived to tell it all.

Jeff is best known for his 'Outlaw' and Rowdy Hell Raiser image. However, an image that he has let get a little out of hand a time or two, Then ol' Jeff had some time to think about that in the local county jail. " I don't blame anybody but myself for my problems, my ups, I caused em', & my downs, I caused them. I just put my past behind me & get on with my life & my music, if the Lord allows me to do that, I'll owe it all to him".

Also Jeff has had a few of his songs released in a couple Biker video's. ' A few guys from California called me an ask me if I minded if they added a couple of my songs to their biker video's. I told them sure. I made a pretty good penny off that deal.

Crop. also had been the headliner to a major biker rally in Akron, Ohio back years ago in 2002.

'Damn it man, I loved that show, I really mean I loved it, Big D. rocks man, he was the owner of the biggest and baddest biker bar in and around the Cleveland, Ohio area called ( THE MAIN STREET SALOON ).

Jeff's life has not always been one of Fame & Glory. He has had some hard knocks & times along the way. " I have been through a hell of a lot in my short time here on earth. With a strong mind & a strong belief & LOVE for our lord and savior JESUS CHRIST, (ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ) AMEN.

I over came those odds. " I'm not one to give up, I'm not one to be betting on". "When you're talking & looking at me, you don't know what the odds are or what to expect."

I like to keep that game and show interesting.

In Country Music, You have Stars and those who think they're stars, Those who ought to be stars. Along with some who wish they were stars.

In the last category of REAL AMERICAN OUTLAW COUNTRY MUSIC, without a single doubt is,

Jeffery Allen Cropper ( The New Kind of 'Outlaw' ).



This is the man.

(Jeffery Allen Cropper)

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