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Your Friend

I know it sometimes seems to you
That you are all alone
But if you ever feel that way
Know that itís a feeling that everyone has known.
You donít have to feel that way
Because someoneís there for you
That someone is me,
Always there to lead you through.
Iíll lead you through the hard times
And offer you a smile
And if you ever need me to
Iíll walk the extra mile.
Iíll be your hand that you can hold
And a shoulder when you cry
And when you feel youíve lost your wings
Iíll teach you how to fly.
No matter what the problem
You can always count on me
You can talk to me forever
Or just sit there quietly.
Whenever you need someone to talk to
Donít hesitate to call
Iíll always be here for you
Iíll catch you when you fall
So when you feel youíre all alone
Or that you may have reached the end
Remember that Iím there for you
To be nothing but your friend.

By: Heather Scott