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True Friends

There are people in your life
That leave an impact on your heart
People always there for you
With whom you never part.

These people are with you always
They stand by you through it all
They're there when you succeed
And they're there when you stumble and fall.

These are the people that stick with you in life,
The ones that are there no matter what you need
The people that always care,
And help you to succeed.

They are there to help you through,
They are there to dry your tears,
These people are always there for you,
They will help chase away your fears.

For these people are friends,
True friends that care about you,
True friends that are willing to help you through it all,
They are the people that you can always run to.

And you are one of those people to me,
One of those friends I can always run to,
You are one of those rare true friends,
And I just want to say thank you.

By: Heather Scott