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When It's Over

When Itís Over

When itís over,
What do you do?
When itís time to move on,
Time to find someone new.
You want it to stay the same,
This canít really be the end,
But thatís okay, you say,
He promises heíll still be your friend.
But what about when he doesnít keep that promise?
When every single thing he vowed,
Is floating around in the wind,
When to him, all of a sudden, youíre just another face in the crowd.
Sure, he says youíre friends,
But what does he say when youíre not around?
Does he act like youíre his friend then?
What do you do when the answers to all of these
questions are found?
Well, then you forget it,
Forget all of the empty promises and ďI love youísĒ
Forget how you felt when you were with him,
Because in the end, heís the one to lose.
When itís over,
What do you do?
You have fun with your friends,
You go on with your life,
Donít look at it as the time when something good ends,
But as when something better begins.

-Heather Scott-