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Hello, can you hear me?
I have a story to tell you,
I was there, you see,
The stories of the Holocaust, they are all true.

I went through the selections,
I witnessed the deaths,
I was around when Dr. Mengele did his dissections,
I was around when people breathed their last breaths.

I saw the pain and anguish in all of their faces,
I heard their cries of fear,
I watched them take their very last paces,
Many not even shedding a single tear.

I ran the forty-two miles in the snow,
I saw the people dying all around,
Never knowing how much farther we had to go,
I heard the gunshots ring out, a deafening sound.

I rode in the cramped and dirty trains,
Being starved for days and days,
I endured the many excruciating pains,
Living my life in a haze.

I no longer prayed,
Thinking God had deserted me,
Looking around, all these cruel people, God had really made,
Why couldnít he see?

Yet somehow I survived all the ordeals,
Fighting each and every day for my life,
And despite how painful that memory feels,
I am glad I lived through the strife.

And now I am here to give you the details,
To tell you about the 11 million people that died,
Those who arenít lucky enough to be here to tell their sad tales,
Those for whom a single tear was never cried.

Now when you think of those many years ago,
Donít fool yourself by saying it isnít real,
Just think back to me telling you it is so,
Telling you of every ordeal.
I really hope you believe what I say,
Donít forget all of those that lost their lives,
Because there will not be a single day,
That I wonít wish that my heart had been pierced with all of those ďknives.Ē

-Heather Scott-