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What Really Happened

What Really Happened

Families torn apart.
Pain ripping at your heart.
Men and women, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives,
Sent in opposite ways,
Not knowing they may lose their lives,
These may be their last days.

Cries of anguish and devastation ring out,
Children and parents being ripped away from each other,
No one understanding what this is all about,
Everyone saying tearful good-byes to one another.

Everyone had to watch their family members being stripped of their dignity,
Beaten and tortured, sentenced to painful labor or death,
These were painful sights for all of the Jews to see,
Many couldnít be around when their loved ones took their last breath.

Line by line they filed inside,
Thinking they were going to the showers,
Really they were heading to where they all eventually died,
None of them got funerals, none of them got individual graves to be covered with flowers.

They all know their fate,
They didnít know why,
Why did God allow hate?
Why was God letting all these people die?

-Heather Scott-