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The Letter

I once wrote you a letter
I kept it here with me
I was waiting until I knew you better
Then Iíd let you know what you meant to me
You then became my best friend
And that letter I forgot
Our friendship wouldnít see the end
I never gave those written words a thought
But I never told you how I really felt
The words were never said
And then I had to deal with the cards that fate dealt
And thoughts of the letter went through my head
I remembered all of the things I had wanted to say
All of the things I wanted you to know
But then came that awful day
And for some reason you had to go
So you never got to hear the way I really feel
You never found out how much you mean to me
But now the fact that you are gone is so real
Why did this have to be?
So I took that letter with me
To the church where I saw you one last time
And I read those words to everybody
While you made your heavenly climb
So now you know I love you
More than anything Iíve ever known
And canít wait to hear you love me too
When I see you in that place to where your angel wings have flown.

By: Heather Scott